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How to Frame and Present Your Novelty Diploma

How to Frame and Present Your Novelty Diploma

Did you know you can use a fake diploma to replace your real one? If you've lost your original degree or are waiting to receive a genuine article, you can order a novelty diploma as a placeholder. 

But have you ever wondered how to display your degree? You may not think so, but there is a particular art to showing your diploma beyond putting it on your desk.

We have plenty of tips to help you display your fake diploma correctly. Keep reading if you'd like to know how to arrange a diploma wall display in the office. 

Traditional Display Vs. Customized Approach

Before choosing glass, frames, and diploma mats, we need to discuss display methods. There are two ways you can arrange your novelty diploma in the office.

The first method is what's called a "traditional display." The traditional display is the tried and true horizontal wall frame; it's simple, elegant, and straight to the point. 

The traditional method is your diploma, the mat (the colored border surrounding the diploma), and the frame. Typically there's nothing else, no unique designs or other memorabilia.

All these displays require is a mat with your school colors and name printed at the bottom. People in highly-educated regions tend to take traditionally shown degrees more seriously. 

You can expect a highly-educated person to look at your diploma without prompting because they're from an area where degrees are common. They're going to evaluate you on your presentation instead.

Vertical Novelty Diploma Displays

Some people may place vertical diploma displays somewhere between traditional and customized presentations. Technically, modifying something means it's not purely traditional anymore. 

Vertical fake diploma displays require a vertical frame with your degree on the bottom and a professional photo of your alma mater on the top. There's not much to these presentations besides adding a picture.

The nice thing about vertically arranging your degree is putting a slight twist on an old formula. There's a little extra flair, but not so much that you're distracting from the main attraction - your diploma.

What's the Customized Approach? 

The customized approach is whatever you want it to be. A more detailed explanation would be that the customized approach is often more personalized and decorative. 

For example, some people use mats and frames with bright, eye-popping colors. Let's say you're a Clemson graduate. Clemson's colors are primarily orange, with accompanying purple and white.

You can choose an orange frame with a purple and white mat to represent your alma mater's colors. If you'd prefer displaying keepsakes, you can hang your graduation tassel or hat alongside their novelty degrees.

Adding photos with friends from university is an excellent way to personalize your diploma. What distinguishes customized and traditional presentations is their purpose.

Traditional presentations show people your credentials. For example, doctors and lawyers show degrees alongside their licenses to appear competent and trustworthy. 

A customized novelty degree can show your credentials, but they're mostly a way to celebrate and remember your accomplishment. A custom display in the office may serve as a great talking point with clients. 

How to Display Your Novelty Diploma

It's reasonable to assume that the frame is essential to your fake diploma's display. While frames are important, your primary focus should be the glass. 

Ideally, you'll want UV glass to protect your diploma from ultraviolet radiation. UV light can cause "UV degradation," eventually destroying the diploma paper. 

UV degradation breaks down molecules inside various materials (like paper), causing physical and chemical changes. UV glass can prevent your novelty diploma from fading and degrading in the sunlight. 

Anti-glare glass is a good investment also. Sunlight and glass often don't mix well. The light reflecting off your diploma may blind you and office guests without anti-glare glass. 

Museum glass is a great option to keep your novelty degree and your eyes safe. This glass is anti-glare and reflective.  

Finding the Right Frame 

Your next step is to choose the right frame. There are two considerations to account for when picking frames for novelty diplomas. The first thing you should consider is frame space; next is tone. 

Frames need proper sizing. If the frame is too small, it won't fit. A too-big frame is too big for your diploma, and the paper ends up swimming in a too-large space. 

You don't need a huge frame if you're not using a diploma mat. But if you'd like a mat, you need to measure it and the frame to ensure everything fits. An ill-fitting frame won't accommodate the mat. 

The purpose of a diploma mat is to add depth and personality. If you choose to add a mat, you should ensure you show it correctly. 

Your frame must also be large enough to display items like tassels and photos if you choose to add them. 

There's also the matter of frame style. People love wooden frames thanks to the serious air they lend to diploma displays. Rosemary, mahogany, and dark oak help draw the eye without being too showy. 

Bare wood is an excellent choice for people that wish to customize their frames with different stains or paints. However, some people may want to choose more modern-styled frames. 

Plastic and metal add a classy but modernized edge to your fake diploma display. Black, white, or gray are great colors if you're going for traditional displays. 

Need a Replacement Novelty Degree? 

Displaying your novelty diploma is a more involved process than you may have initially thought. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the tone you're going for. 

Choose the traditional hanging method if you'd like a diploma display in the office with some gravitas. You may want a more customized presentation if you're looking to celebrate your accomplishment. 

The best way to get your display right is to research mats and frames that suit your purposes. If you're looking for a replacement or fake diploma, contact Realistic Diplomas today, we offer free sample requests



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