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A Complete Guide on How to Best Display Your PhD Diploma

A Complete Guide on How to Best Display Your PhD Diploma

Are you proud of your PhD? You should be; you worked hard for it!

While some people let their diplomas slide into the folds of their bookshelves or hide them in their fancy covers, if you've already ordered a replacement or replica PhD diploma, it's likely that you're looking to show it off for the world to see.

But how do you do that? What do you do to get the best display options for the diploma that you're priding yourself on? 

We want to help. Whether it's a real PhD diploma or a replica that you're using while you keep the real-deal safe, we've got you covered. Keep reading to learn how to display a PhD diploma the right way.

Get the Right Cover Case 

What's a diploma without a fancy cover? Most diplomas come inside soft and sturdy folder-like cases, but those cases can be improved upon. 

You want to get something that really says how important this diploma is to you. 

If you aren't opposed to animal products, try to find a nice leather case that looks professional and distinguished. 

These covers make a nice addition to any shelf and most of them can stand up on their own if you bend them backward, making a good stand for your diploma wherever you choose to display it. 

Put It In a Frame

Not into a standard cover? No problem, many frames will fit your diploma perfectly. 

You don't have to rely on frames made for diplomas alone. While a PhD diploma frame can be nice, these frames can also be overpriced and they may not fit your style. 

Why not visit your local art store, or even a vintage store, and find something that matches your aesthetic? 

A decorative frame that's standard for photos or paintings is a great way to display your diploma anywhere, whether you're setting it on your office wall or on your desk at work. 

Set It In Your Workplace

Looking for a way to make yourself look more distinguished at work? Why not display your diploma in plain sight for all of your clients, customers, and coworkers to see?

It's not nice to brag, but you can show off your accomplishment as a work decoration. Whether you're opting for a frame, a stand, or a cover, a diploma will make a great addition to any office decor. 

This is a great choice for a replacement or replica diploma so you can keep the real deal safe at home while the replica sits in public. No need to worry about it getting stolen or ruined.

Put It Amongst Your Other Graduation Things

Why not make a shrine to your graduation? You've got your doctorate and you deserve a shrine to yourself (even if it's a small one).

Do you still have your graduation robes? What about your hat and tassel? Your thesis, even?

All of these things can go together to make a special display of your accomplishments. This is another great addition to an office (a home office, that is) that's geared towards academia. 

All of these things are special to you, and putting them all together will help you relive your fond memories of graduate school. Remember, a display isn't just for other people. It's for you and your memories. 

Put It In a Shadowbox

Shadowboxes are fun crafts, and your diploma is a great addition to any shadowbox. 

Find (or make) a thick frame or clear encasement that's the right size for your diploma to fit snugly in the back. Your diploma will serve as the background of your shadowbox.

Inside, place other small items that represent your graduate program and degree. Do you have graduation tickets? Throw those in there. 

This is another good place to put your tassel, and school rings or emblems, and even personal memories from that period in your life. Ticket stubs, something that represents the town that you went to school in, a small picture of the school mascot: all of these things can make a great shadowbox.

Hang It On a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are decorative statement walls where you hang framed art, mirrors, and anything else that you want to display in such a way that the result is cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. 

Your diploma might not be art, but you can adjust your wall so that it fits right in. Look for paintings, photos, and frames that match the colors of your diploma and its frame. Your diploma doesn't have to be the center of attention.

This is also a great place to hang any other diplomas that you have. If you have a PhD, you may also have a master's degree and you likely have a bachelor's degree as well. Why not put them all together? 

Make An Achievement Case or Shelf

Do you have a bunch of trophies, medals, and other diplomas and academic items that haven't yet found a place in your home? 

Have you considered a trophy case or a trophy shelf to display all of these things? 

Trophy cases aren't only for athletes (though if you were a high school or college athlete, your trophies can still fit in with your academic items). 

Display your diplomas in the center of the shelves or case surrounded by any other achievements that you have. These can include trophies and medals, but they can also include graduation cords that you get from fraternities, clubs, or academic achievements. 

How Will You Show Off Your PhD Diploma? 

Your PhD diploma deserves a place of honor in your home or workplace. Don't let it fade into the background or hide on a bookshelf. 

Whether you're into flashy displays or subtle shadowboxes, there are plenty of options to suit any aesthetic. 

If You're looking for a diploma replica for your display, visit our site. We've got the replacement diplomas for you. 



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