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What Can You Do If You Lose Your College Diploma?

Depending on the year, there are over 15 million students attending college at any given time. That means that millions of students graduate each year and receive a college diploma.

If you're like most college graduates, your diploma is a pretty important document. After all, it's proof that you completed your education and earned your degree. But what happens if you lose your diploma? 

Don't worry—there are a few things you can do to get a replacement. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Replace a Diploma Through Your University

When most people lost their diplomas the first thing they do is contact their university. This is a great first step for those who need an official diploma or official transcript for something like a visa application, job application, or government-related process.

Contact the Registrar

Most universities have a registrar's office that is responsible for student records, course schedules, and enrollment. 

If you need to contact your registrar, the best way to do so is by email or phone. You can usually find contact information for the registrar on the university website. Or, try Googling “[your university name] replacement diploma.” This usually directs you to the registrar’s office. 

When you call or email, be sure to have your student ID number handy so that the registrar can easily access your records. In addition, if you’re emailing them, it's helpful to include an explanation of what you need and the date that you ideally need it by. 

That doesn’t always mean they’ll be able to get you what you need in time, but it can help.

Fill Out the Paperwork

If the application form for a replacement diploma isn’t online then the registrar’s office will likely email you back with everything you need to fill out and send back in order to complete your request.

Typically, the request form will require you to fill out your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Student ID
  • Graduation Year
  • College Degree Earned
  • Delivery Type

You’ll also need to fill out payment information if you’re completing the process digitally.

Pay the Fee

How much does a replacement degree cost? It varies depending on the university. However, at UCLA, for example, the replacement diploma fee is $75 and express mail is $25. At the University of Texas, however, this fee is only $50. So, it really varies.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to factor in additional fees if you need your diploma notarized or apostilled. Depending on your university and where it’s located, the university is the only entity that is able to officially apostille a real diploma.

This is going to be critical if you’re using your college diploma as part of a visa or adoption process, for example. Keep this in mind as it’ll ultimately affect the cost and the time needed to complete the entire process.

Speaking of time…how long can you expect to have to wait to get a new diploma? Again, it depends on the university! However, it can take anywhere from a week up to a few months.

Consider Getting a Fake College Diploma

If you can’t wait months to get a replacement college diploma then you do have other options. Depending on why you need your diploma and what you’ll use it for, a fake college diploma could be just what you need.

What Is a Fake Diploma?

fake diploma is a document that is not a real diploma. It may be made to look like a real diploma, but it does not have the same value and can’t be used for official purposes. 

What’s the point then? Well, you might want a fake diploma for a number of reasons, including to fool someone into thinking they have a real diploma, to use it as a souvenir, or to replace a diploma that’s been lost or damaged.

Additionally, we find that a lot of our customers need fake diplomas for events, themed party nights, and other similar situations where they would like to provide their guests with a realistic diploma design from a reputable university.

Is a Fake Diploma Legal?

The answer is that it depends on how you use the fake diploma. If you use it to try to get a job or get into school, then you could be charged with fraud. However, if you use it for a joke or as a novelty item, then it’s totally legal.

Additionally, if you simply want to replace your lost college diploma so that you can hang it on the wall in your office or display it in your home then a fake diploma works just as good as an original and is a whole lot cheaper and quicker.

Even if you didn’t go to college and want to joke about getting a fake degree, a fake diploma is still legal as long as you’re not submitting it as part of an official process such as a visa application or job application.

Does a Fake College Diploma Look the Same?

When you work with Realistic Diplomas they do! Our fake diplomas are made using high-quality paper and print, and they may even include an official-looking seal. Our experienced designers use a diploma design that’s identical to your regular diploma.

Get Your Replacement Diploma Today

Need a replacement college diploma fast? We’ve got you covered. In fact, we’ll even send you a free sample diploma so that you can rest assured that the quality of your fake diploma is equal to the quality of your original one.

To get a replacement diploma, we’ll need your name, school name, school location, and a few more details about your request. Then, we can send you a fake diploma within days (depending on the complexity of your order).

Click here to get your free sample. 



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