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Faking a High School Diploma, Should You Do It?

Faking a High School Diploma, Should You Do It?

A high school diploma is an essential part of who you are. It’s the symbol that shows what you’ve accomplished, and it opens new doors for your future. It’s something to be proud of. However, what if you lost your original diploma or got destroyed in a fire? What should you do?

One way to fix this is to fake your high school diploma. This may seem like a drastic step, but it can be the perfect solution for some people.

Isn’t It Illegal?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), talking about Consumer Information on high school diploma scams, faking your diploma can have consequences. It is illegal to falsify academic records, regardless of whether it’s for a job or school. This means that if you’re caught lying on your resume about having a high school diploma, you could face criminal charges.

However, if you’re a student who lost your diploma and needs a copy to apply to college, it’s not considered a crime. You wouldn’t have any criminal charges on your record because you didn’t get any financial benefits from falsifying documents.

Do Fake High School Diplomas Work?

There’s no definite answer as to whether or not fake high school diplomas work. It depends on what you plan on using it for and how good your forgery is.

Generally, if you’re trying to use a fake diploma to get into college, there’s a good chance that you will be caught. The admissions office quickly determines the degree’s authenticity, so there are no benefits in deceiving them.

However, employers generally don’t verify your diploma, so it may be harder for them to catch your lie. However, there is always a chance that they will do a background check and discover that your diploma is fake. If this happens, you may lose your job.

The Legal Applications of Fake Diplomas

If the fake diploma is used to misrepresent and deceive, the situation is quite different. In this case, you can face a civil lawsuit and may have to pay a fine. This is why you mustn’t falsify your documents if using them for legal purposes.

Any fake high school diploma for novelty and entertainment would be considered legal. You can use it as a joke or give them away as gifts because this isn’t considered fraud.

For example, if you decide to buy a cheap fake high school diploma and show off your friend by telling them that you graduated from the same school they did, there will be no consequences. However, you wouldn’t be able to use a fake diploma to get a job.

Another reason is to rekindle memories of the diploma you previously held. If you lost your high school diploma and would like a replacement, this is allowed. You should ensure that the documents look authentic and realistic to avoid problems. Having a fake one doesn’t matter because it isn’t used for anything meaningful, novelty diplomas, or copies of diplomas.

Overall, the consequences for using a fake diploma vary depending on what you use it for. If you’re caught lying, you could face jail time and fines. If you use it as a replacement or to have fun, there won’t be any consequences. As long as you’re aware of the risks, using a fake diploma is a personal choice.

How Can I Fake a High School Diploma?

Before you decide to fake your high school diploma, you should know that many sites online claim to sell fake diplomas. However, many of them require you to provide personal information such as social security numbers and home addresses. This can be dangerous because you could get a legitimate diploma from these websites, and the company may still have your personal information.

If you’re determined to get a fake diploma, one of the easiest ways would be to buy a novelty copy online. Many sites offer them for your convenience and quick and reliable delivery. You can choose from many designs and even add your personalized touch to them. They usually don’t require you to give out any personal information, so it’s perfectly safe.

Once you get the diploma in the mail, make sure it looks realistic by checking its quality and appearance. If you’re not happy with it, you can always get a refund.

If you’re looking for a fake diploma, know that it isn’t hard to get one. The hard part is making sure that it looks authentic and realistic. With the suitable designs and requirements, you can have your very own novelty high school diploma in no time.


Ultimately, whether or not you should use a fake diploma is up to you. With the proper precautions, it can be a fun and harmless experience. Remember to use your common sense and never use a fake diploma for anything important such as getting a job. If you’re caught lying, you could face serious consequences.

If you’re still unsure about using a fake diploma, remember that there are many safe and easy ways to get one. Many reputable websites offer high-quality novelty diplomas. With so many options available, there’s no need to take any risks.

Faking a high school diploma can be a lot of fun, but it’s essential to be aware of the risks. Using a fake diploma for legal purposes can result in jail time and fines while using one for entertainment is perfectly safe. There’s no need to take any risks with so many options available!

At Realistic Diplomas, we offer high-quality novelty diplomas for your convenience and quick and reliable delivery. You can choose from many designs and even add your personalized touch to them. We never ask for any personal information, so it’s perfectly safe!







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