Buy Fake GED and Diploma and Transcripts

Our realistic GED Diplomas and Transcripts are designed from 100% REAL High School Equivalency Diplomas and Score Sheets!

What Does a Fake GED Feature?

  • Printed on high-quality thick parchment paper.
  • Authentic embossed gold State Board of Education Seals
  • Official State Seal from the State your Test was taken
  • Your Name (Congrats, Graduate!)
  • Each GED is customized with your testing center, location and completion date.  

What Does a Fake GED Transcript Feature?

  • Designed From 100% Real Score Sheets collected from across the Country!
  • Printed on thermo-tech security paper, complete with anti-copy mechanisms and glow fibers.
  • Fake GED Test Scores based on the overall Completed Score YOU provide (Make your own Grades!)
  • Your personalized Student Details and Testing Center Information so it looks totally legit.
  • Says "COPY" when the document is photocopied or scanned, just like a real transcript!
  • Embossed through the paper with the Official issuing Registrar Stamp!

Without question, we have the BEST GED online.

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