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7 Ways to Make the Ultimate Gag Gift with the Best Fake Diploma

7 Ways to Make the Ultimate Gag Gift with the Best Fake Diploma

Looking for a gift for your loved ones?

With so much time spent looking for a gift, it’s always best to think hard about your present. It isn’t that difficult to find something that they’d like. Sometimes, it’s all about the laugh they get out of it.

What’s the easiest way to make them laugh? Give them gag gifts like the best fake diploma.

In this guide, you’ll learn other gag gift ideas. At the same time, you’ll get some pointers on the dos and don’ts of gag gift giving. Read on and find out more:

1. Best Fake Diploma

Fake, customizable diplomas are great gag gifts. It gives a memorable and personalized feeling to your gifts. It’s also a good way of poking fun with each other using sarcastic but harmless appreciation certificates.

For example, you can throw Novelty Diplomas to appreciate their simple efforts. It ranges from lifting heavy objects to maintaining their composure the entire week. The sky is the limit when thinking about what to put.

It’s fun, and it makes them feel appreciated when someone notices their efforts. With that, you can help deepen your bond as friends or family.

Another way of using fake diplomas is to make fake degrees. For example, you can make an authentic-looking Witchcraft and Wizardry Graduation Diploma. If you’re hosting a party with this theme, you can give these certificates to the attendees.

Some loved ones like doing wacky, random things. A good way to appreciate their hijinks is to give them a custom fake diploma. It’s a gag certificate of insanity to let them know that their wackiness is off the charts.

2. Rake Back Scratcher

Sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint where that persistent itch is coming from. When your friend or loved one needs a good scratching, take this opportunity.

Get an oversized back scratcher designed like a rake. A good place to start is to look for one with triple the number of fingers. It’s a useful but unwieldy gag gift since they need not ask you for back scratches anymore.

3. Toilet Mini-Golf Course

Is your loved one spending a lot of time in the bathroom? If they left their smartphone outside, the ordeal could bore them to tears. Solve this with the gag gift of a toilet mini golf game.

With this gift, entertainment becomes easier for them while doing their bathroom business. It’s also a good way of lessening their time on their phones.

4. Funny Shot Glasses

Alcoholism is a serious subject in the United States. However, if your loved one enjoys a drink or two now and then, it’s harmless fun. To make their experience funnier, give them novelty shot glasses.

Think about your recipient before buying funny shot glasses as a gag gift. If they’re open for some good laughs, a cringe-worthy design is the best. For example, some shot glasses resemble urinals.

Some designs might make it awkward to drink from. However, it’s the point of a gag gift. Always prioritize hilarity over functionality.

5. Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer

Whether they’re a fan of the mythical or MCU Thor, your loved one will appreciate this gag gift. These meat tenderizers have the legendary hammer as their motif. It makes your recipient feel like a god as they prepare their meat in the kitchen.

Take note; you're not limited to Mjolnir as the motif for your meat tenderizer. Lots of hammers exist in pop culture. For example, you can use Lord of the Rings’ Gimli’s hammer instead.

6. Desktop Mini Basketball Court

Looking for the perfect gag gift for a basketball enthusiast? Worry no more since desktop mini basketball courts are the craze. These are small enough to become part of an office desk.

With this gag gift, you’ll avoid resorting to cliché gifts like socks or a pair of basketball shoes. It allows them to play their game on a smaller scale at work. It lifts their mood whenever they feel tired from working.

7. Funny Paper Clip Holders

It’s not too late to add a fun flair to a busybody’s work desk. Spice it up using an office-related gag gift. Lots of magnetic paper clip holders in the market have funny designs.

For example, a magnetic paper clip holder resembles a head bust of Albert Einstein. The steel paper clips you can put on the head serve as his messy hair. It’s a witty yet funny gift they’ll appreciate.

Gag Gift Giving Tips

A gag gift doesn’t mean you can give whatever you want. It’s always better to consider these dos and don’ts before shopping for a loved one. Take note of these tips if you plan to buy a fake diploma.

1. Consider Your Recipient

Regardless of the seriousness of the gift, think about your recipient. The point of a gag gift is to make them laugh and feel happier. It means considering their kind of humor.

Otherwise, it will make things awkward. Nothing is worse than your recipient opening the present and not appreciating the joke.

2. Avoid Offensive Gag Gifts

Like jokes, gag gifts must never offend your recipient. It’s something that they must remember with fondness. If you do, they’ll likely toss it into the trash as soon as they’re home.

3. DIY Gag Gifts are Okay

Gag and DIY gifts are great together. They’re fun, cheap, and carry more personal value. It feels nice knowing that your DIY gift made them laugh and feel sentimental at the same time.

Use a Fake College Diploma Maker for a Gag Gift Today

These are some of the best gag gift ideas around. Whether it’s the best fake diploma or a novelty shot glass, your choice depends on your recipient.

Speaking of fake diplomas, do you need one? If so, contact us today, and use the method you’re most comfortable with.



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