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How to Acquire a Homeschool Diploma

How to Acquire a Homeschool Diploma

It's safe to say that education is important. It can open the doors to several opportunities. Doors can start to open as soon as you get your high school diploma. 

The United States Census reports that 90% of the population age 25 and older have a high school diploma. This is a first in the country's history. 

For many people, getting a high school diploma isn't easy. This is true for people who have been homeschooled. If you have been homeschooled and don't know how to get your homeschool diploma, this guide is for you. 

Read this guide to learn how to get your homeschool diploma. 

Understanding Your State's Laws

When it comes to homeschooling, different laws dictate how students can get their high school diploma. These laws can get confusing. If you want to learn how to get your high school diploma, you should start by reviewing your state's laws.  

Check your state's laws and regulations. You want to review the regulations that apply to homeschooling as well. Pay particular attention to the high school courses and requirements. 

You want to make sure to have followed the state's guidelines. You can start by visiting your state's department of education website. On there, you'll find a lot of information regarding homeschooling and the diploma.

You can also check with the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Their website has a lot of information that can help you better understand how to get your homeschool high school diploma. 

Some states have their own specific graduation requirements. Once a student completes the requirements, they can earn their homeschool diploma. 

What if your state doesn't mention graduation requirements? In this case, you're free to create your own. If this is the case, you're probably free to create your own diploma. 

Getting Your Homeschool Diploma Through a Local Public School

Some homeschooled students can get their high school diploma through one of their local public schools. This is one of the routes that are rare as most states and school districts don't do this. 

If you live in Pennsylvania, it may be possible to take this route. In this state, the department of education has an option for students who want to get a diploma from one of their homeschool associations. 

In North Dakota, there is a similar option for homeschooled students. Students may be able to get their high school diploma from their local public high school. 

If one of these options appeals to your parents, your parents should check with the state. Every state does have its own regulations. 

Getting Your Homeschool Diploma Through a School

One of the most common ways that homeschooled students can get their diploma is through a school. There are umbrella schools, correspondence schools, and virtual schools that offer this type of diploma. 

If you're a student in one of these schools, you have to meet their requirements to graduate. Once you graduate, you'll get a diploma from that institution. 

Getting Your Homeschool Diploma Through a Parent

Another way a student can get their homeschool diploma is through a parent. How can a student get a homeschool diploma through my parents you ask? This is an option for children who are currently on the homeschooled path. 

In many cases, the parents of students who are in homeschool can issue their children a diploma. They can create one themselves. This is possible by using an online homeschool diploma template

Think about the homeschool as an independent educational institution. Yes, you read that right. The homeschool diploma will show that the student completed the requirements set by the institution.

Creating a Homeschool Diploma

So, your parents are going to issue you a homeschool diploma? This is great news. Now your parents need to know how to create one for you. 

Your mom or dad can use a template to make one. The template already has some of the information and designs on the diploma. All they would need to do is to add your personal information. 

If one of your parents has a lot of creativity, they can choose to create their own diploma for you. They can make it from scratch using the tools available. 

Once the diploma is complete, your parents can print it. Before printing it, your parents must make sure that it has the following information on it. 

The diploma must have the name of the institution issuing the diploma. If it's from the homeschool, it should have the name of the school. It must have the words 'high school' on it. 

It must include the name of the student. Without the student's name, the diploma isn't valid. Make sure it also has the city and state where it's being issued. 

Don't forget to have a parent sign the diploma. This will prove the student completed all requirements for graduation. 

Now Is the Time to Get Your High School Diploma

So, you have yet to get your high school diploma? What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to get your homeschool diploma. There are different options you can choose from to get one. 

If you're currently being homeschooled, you can have one of your parents create a high school diploma for you. One of them can buy one that they design. 

If your parents want to get more information about designing a high school diploma for you, have them contact us. We'll help them design the perfect high school diploma. 



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