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Sourcing a Diploma Company: 7 Questions Worth Asking When Ordering Fake Diplomas

Sourcing a Diploma Company: 7 Questions Worth Asking When Ordering Fake Diplomas

Approximately 5 million diplomas are awarded by postsecondary institutions a year. But not all of these graduates manage to keep their diplomas safe. Pieces of paper are prone to water damage, fire damage, and getting lost.

That’s one reason a fake diploma maker exists! They can recreate your diploma to a high level of accuracy to replace your missing document. Others like to purchase a novelty diploma as a gift, prop, or just for fun!

However, a low-quality degree stands out a mile away. For it to be worth the investment, you need to order your diploma from a company you trust.

To that end, here are seven questions you should ask fake diploma makers. These quick FAQs highlight which makers are worth ordering from, and ensure you’re staying above board! Read on to learn how to get the best fake degree possible.

1. What Fake Degrees Are Available?

Diploma makers should offer at least the following commonly requested documents:

  • GED diplomas and transcripts
  • High school diplomas and transcripts
  • College diplomas and transcripts

In addition, some offer specific courses. These could include business, TESOL, or personal trainer qualifications.

Each of the major diploma and transcript documents should be available in a range of areas. This ensures you can replicate the exact document you’re missing. Or in the case of a gift, it means you can customize it with the classes you have in mind.

However, a diploma maker should not provide the following types of fake degrees:

  • Law
  • Medical
  • Aeronautics
  • Engineering
  • Biochemistry

It would be irresponsible of a diploma maker to print a diploma in any of these or related areas. Otherwise, they could enable people to impersonate those in positions that have a real impact on others. Stay away from companies willing to print these specialized diplomas.

2. How Real Do the Diplomas Look?

While very cheap fake degrees exist, they don't look authentic. For a fake degree to be worth investing in, three areas should stand out. These are the paper, the seal, and the design itself.

High-quality fake diplomas are printed on the same type of paper as the real deal. If someone holds the degree, it should be indistinguishable from a real diploma. And when framed, it should reflect the light in the same way.

A fake gold seal should be just as convincing. It should hold up under touch and light.

Finally, the fonts, layout, and other design elements must look legitimate. Both at a glance and up close, it should be convincing. We achieve this with a unique chart of design options.

3. What Design Options Are Available?

Replicating a real degree exactly isn’t possible. Schools often own the copyright to logos and other design elements used on their degrees. But a diploma maker should still offer more than one standard design!

They should have an in-house design team.

At Realistic Diplomas, our design team created a unique solution. They developed a chart of designs as close as possible to the original layouts. The chart allows you to filter by area and diploma type to find the closest option for your document!

4. Are Custom Designs Available?

Fake degrees should be fully customizable. That includes choosing the following details:

  • Your name
  • School name
  • Graduation date
  • Area of study

Further, transcripts should allow you to customize each class listed. But what about more in-depth customization?

As explained, we have dozens of design options that suit schools around the world. However, if you’d like a custom design, just get in touch! We’ll happily create the style of diploma you’re looking for.

5. What Guarantees Does the Diploma Maker Offer?

There are two crucial guarantees to look out for when ordering a fake degree. These are quality and verification guarantees.

Quality Guarantee

A quality guarantee is a service promise that your degree will be printed accurately. That includes all the right names, dates, and of course perfect design and alignment. This guarantee protects your purchase in case of a mistake, entitling you to a free reprint.

Verification Guarantee

The second guarantee is a guarantee of authenticity or verification. Do not order a degree with these guarantees!

A fake diploma should not come with any level of verification. It is only possible to verify a degree if come directly from the institution.

A company offering this type of authenticity isn’t producing replacements, but may actually be forging documents. It is in your best interest to stay far away from these untrustworthy businesses.

Rather, order from a business that states their documents cannot be used for work or as proof of qualification. They may replace your original diploma for decorative purposes, but that's all.

6. How Is Their Customer Service?

Only order from a diploma maker that is highly rated in all areas of customer service. To find this out, read their reviews online. Look specifically for how the company handles these situations:

  • Printing errors
  • Shipping issues
  • Account issues
  • Payment problems

Companies worth working with will always be there to help. For example, they should help with shipping issues even if they are the fault of the courier, not the diploma maker.

And of course, check customer reviews for quality. Then you can rest assured that you’ve ordered a product that will hold up under scrutiny.

7. Can You Order a Sample?

Would you like to see a sample of a fake diploma before you order one? Then ask your diploma maker!

A sample of a fake degree lets you see and feel the quality of the product. It serves as a tester, letting you see the equivalent of the finished product in person before you buy.

Best of all, some diploma makers offer samples for free! Then you can check out the products completely risk-free.

Fake Diplomas You Can Trust!

Can your diploma maker answer these questions satisfactorily? If not, you need to find another that can provide the service you need.

The good news is you already have!

At Realistic Diplomas, we specialize in high-quality, realistic diplomas. Our design options, paper quality, and legal adherence make us the best choice for your purchase.

We offer designs for several countries and types of qualifications. Whether you need a college transcript or a high school diploma, we’ve got the documents for you. If you’d like to order a degree, browse our design options online today!



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