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Diploma Frames: The Complete Guide to Framing Your (Fake) Diploma

Diploma Frames: The Complete Guide to Framing Your (Fake) Diploma

Are you waiting for your (fake) diploma to arrive? While you wait, you want to consider looking at diploma frames. Framing your diploma is the final step in making your qualifications "official." 

This is also an important step if you need to show your credentials to others.

Do you have an office? Do your clients have to see you on a regular basis?

Anytime we visit a professional, we notice their diploma on their wall. This gives us the assurance that they are qualified for their work.

So how do you choose the right diploma frames?

Here's what you need to know:

UV Protection

Before you admire the frame, you have to consider the glass. You want to make sure that you choose glass that has UV protection.

UV glass protects your diploma from light rays which reduce the chance of your diploma fading over time.

You can also consider anti-reflective and non-glare glass if your diploma will face a window.

If the light will point straight at your diploma, these are the best options. "Museum Glass" is the best option as it's anti-reflective and has UV protection.

Space for a Mat

The mat is a fabric that emphasizes the text on your diploma. You can choose a lighter color such as white or beige to match the diploma. Or if you don't want to be understated, you can choose a black, navy, or red mat.

Make sure you choose a thick fabric for your mat. It's easy for a mat to disintegrate over time, so you want to make sure you spend your time choosing the thickness.

As an alternative to a mat, you can find a large wool or silk scarf. Measure it for your diploma, ensuring that there's 1 inch above the length and width of the diploma. Cut it out to use it within your frame.

Looking at Diploma Frames

Now let's start looking at the right diploma frames for you. You want to first consider the wood that works best for you.

For example, do you want a serious tone to your diploma?

This works if you need your clients to notice your diploma when they walk into your office. You want to choose a darker wood such as rosewood or mahogany.

If you like a simplistic look, then you can choose a lighter wood color. You can choose naked wood that you can later paint in a color of your choice.

If you want a modern style then you can choose a black, gray, or white plastic or metal frame.

How Much Space Does the Frame Have?

When shopping around for your diploma frames, you want to look at how much space you have to work with.

You can choose a direct fit option that doesn't leave any space between the frame and your diploma. But if you want to use a diploma mat, this option won't work for you.

You might also want to choose a frame that has excess space. With this type of frame, you can keep a tassel or other related material.

If you frame a fake diploma, you might want to consider the tassel or graduation cap to give your diploma more credibility.

There are also some frames that have space for photographs. If you attended college and have photos in a cap and gown, you can place these photos within the frame.

This is the ideal situation if you are buying a replacement diploma or a fake diploma if you didn't finish your degree.

Now let's look at some other considerations for choosing the perfect diploma frame.

School Colors

Are you in a town where there's immense pride in the local high school or university? If your diploma is from one of these schools, why not make your diploma frame match the school colors?

There are many ways to customize your diploma frame layout to meet these standards. However, the most popular way is to alternate between the frame color and the mat color.

For example, the University of Miami's colors is Bright Orange and Dark Green. You can consider choosing orange for your mat and green for the frame. This gives your frame an understated look but brightens up your diploma.

If you switch the colors, then the frame's color will intrigue others. They'll walk up to your frame to inspect your diploma more closely.

This is also a great option if you want to include your school's tassel or graduation cap in the frame.

You might even want to find a predesigned mat that has the school's logo or mascot on it.

The Traditional Look

If you want to maintain a professional look and don't want to spend too much time framing your diploma, there's always the "traditional" look. This is also the look you should consider if you're in a highly-educated region.

People in this region usually have a serious outlook when looking at degrees. They won't be impressed by the school colors, but they do want to look at your diploma.

If you have clients coming into your office, they'll assess you based on how you present yourself.

The traditional look is part of this presentation. Your frame should be wood or metal. It should be black or a dark brown color.

Don't opt for any designs for your frame. A thick all-white or all-black mat works well for the diploma.

For this style, you don't want to draw too much attention to your diploma. You can trust that others will inspect your diploma on their own.

Get Your Diploma

Now you know the factors on choosing the best diploma frames for your replacement or fake diploma. Make sure you take the time to consider the best way to present your diploma. 

If it's for your personal use, you can opt for a simple style or even a direct fit. If you need others to look at your diploma, take your time researching your frames and preparing your mat.

If you're on the lookout for fake or replacement diplomas, we'd love to help! Reach out to us for a FREE sample request today!



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