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How to Order Replacement Diplomas - Fast!

How to Order Replacement Diplomas - Fast!

What You Need to Know About Fake vs Authentic Replacement Diplomas

We'll start by teaching you how to get an authentic, government-approved duplicate of your diploma. The reason is that this is the only type of diploma you can legally use for official purposes.

For example, let's say a potential employer wants to see proof that you graduated high school before he/she hires you. For this, you must provide a genuine diploma. Using a replica for this official purpose constitutes academic fraud.

However, it's still perfectly legal to obtain and use fake, novelty diplomas for non-official purposes. This includes displaying it on your wall or using it as a movie prop. If a replica is all you need, skip to Step 8: Obtaining Replica Diplomas.


1. Try to Find the Diploma You Lost

Before you start, there's something very important you should know about the process of getting an authentic replacement diploma. Namely, it can be difficult and there are a lot of hoops to jump through. This is to ensure that unauthorized parties cannot obtain your educational records.

However, if you need an official diploma, here's what you do. First, try looking for your original copy again.

Have you given up looking for it because you didn't want to sift through any more boxes in your garage? Keep trying. Finding it in your boxes is probably going to be easier than ordering a new one.

Furthermore, if there is a copy that you lost, you want to make sure that no one else finds it.


2. Contact The High School That Issued the Diploma

As we just mentioned, your educational records are strictly protected. Only you and the school that issued the diploma are allowed access to this record.

So, find the contact info of your old alma mater and give them a call. Don't use an old phone number from your yearbook, either, or you're likely to get scammed. The best thing to do is to visit their official website.

Before you contact them, though, see if there's an option on the site for ordering a replacement diploma. If there isn't, call or email them using the contact information on the site.

In the event that you can't seem to find or contact the school, skip to Step 4.


3. Officially Request Your Replacement

To order your replacement, there are official steps that the government requires. Additionally, your school will have its own policies and instructions as well.

This process will include mailing in a written request and paying a fee. The written request usually requires your contact information, the name of the relevant school, and the date that you obtained your initial diploma.

You will also need to provide information to verify your identity, such as your driver's license/social security number. In any case, when contacting your school, ask them precisely what you need to do.

Hopefully, all of these steps go well. If they do, you're all done.


4. Move Your Case Up to the School District

As mentioned earlier, you might have trouble contacting your school. For instance, they may not have a website, the site may have incorrect contact info, or the school may not exist anymore.

In this case, try to find out the school district that the school belongs to (or did before it closed down). The district can help you reach the school if it still exists. If it doesn't exist, the school's records will have passed to the district and you can obtain the diploma from them.

In any case, call the district to find out how to proceed.


5. Move Your Case Up to the Department of Education

In rare cases, even the school district is unreachable. If this happens to you, there's one more option to try.

Contact the state Department of Education to request your diploma. Fortunately, you will definitely be able to reach this agency. You should now, finally, be able to proceed with your request.


6. Obtaining Private School Duplicate Diplomas

Private school records can be a little more complicated than public school records. If you graduated from a private high school, it's easiest to contact the Department of Education first and ask them what to do.


7. What to Do if None of This Works

Sometimes, you go through all of this trouble and still come out empty-handed. Perhaps no one is able to locate this record. Or maybe, your request is denied for some reason.

If so, see if you can get a copy of your transcripts. You should be able to use these for the same official purposes that you'd need a diploma for. 

8. Obtaining Replica Diplomas

Now, if you merely want a novelty diploma for non-official purposes, there's no reason to jump through all these hoops. A reputable fake diploma company can make you a replica that looks as convincing as the original. Simply go to this third party's website and follow their instructions to order your (non-official) replacement diploma.


Follow These Steps to Order Your Replacement Diploma

Remember this guide and use these steps to order replacement diplomas. Also, if you choose to obtain a replica instead of the original, please use it responsibly.

Want to learn more about novelty diplomas? Then read these 9 Reasons to Get a Realistic Diploma. 



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