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Buy Fake High School Diplomas and Transcripts

Realistic Diplomas is a leading fake high school diploma and transcriptmaker on the internet. Have been since 2001!

We offer the largest selection of fake high school diplomas and transcripts from the United States, Canada and beyond! Over the last many years, we have accumulated many real designs from all over the world and we use them to create our professionally designed fake high school diplomas! With our advanced production process and quality graphic design experience, we can guarantee the work of your replacement diploma. We are one of the most honest and fast of any diploma company in the business! Buy a Fake Diploma today. Free Shipping and guaranteed delivery!

Order Fake High School Diplomas & Transcripts with Real State Seals, Canadian Crests and Custom Transcripts on Official Security Paper!

If you need a copy of a High School Diploma and Transcript Grade Score Sheet, you have come to the right place.  Whether you need to replace your lost or damaged Documents, you want to fool your friends or impress your coworkers, it all comes down to quality and realistic design. We have amassed High School styles from all over the United States and Canadian Provinces and guarantee its authentic design. Order a copy of your fake high school diploma or transcript from Realistic Diplomas.

How Do I Get a Realistic Novelty High School Diploma and Transcripts Online and Why Do I Need It Right Now?

Choose your design, be it a State from The United States or Province from Canada, and we will build your fake High School Diploma or Transcript. The design is created based on your location and information entered on your order form, whether it’s Florida, Indiana, Georgia or Ontario or Alberta. Each High School Diploma is completely customized with the information we receive from you, professionally printed with embossed seals on high quality diploma parchment and transcript security paper, then mailed to you DISCREETLY and FAST!

Why Should You Order a Realistic Fake Diploma or Transcript? 

Right now, you have enough to deal with: a job, kids to care for, a roof to keep over your head and other life situations to deal with. Let us take this problem off your shoulders. Order a realistic looking High School Diploma and Transcripts to replace your original or even to motivate you. Use it as proof of your graduation as you manifest a better future. Replace your Secondary School Diploma that you lost during a move. Hang it proudly on your wall as an ode to your achievements, be it past or future. Here are four reasons why having your High School Diploma will benefit you right now:

1. Self-esteem - Show the World who you really are: A novelty Secondary School certificate will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself and you deserve that. Your High School Diploma and Transcript is proof to the world that you are goal oriented and capable of outstanding achievement.

2. Role Model – Setting the Best example for our Kids: More than anything, you want your kids to succeed in life, and the best way for you to help them do that is by setting the best example.  Proudly displaying your High School Diploma, complete with a padded folder, will instill a value in education for both yourself and your little ones.

3. Replace High School Diploma – You Need a High School Diploma & Transcripts to go to College: You cannot get into College without a GED or High School Diploma, as well as proof of the classes you took with Transcripts, so if you intend to take your education to the next level and you can't get a copy of your originals, a High School Diploma and Transcript Grade Sheet from Realistic Diplomas is something you need to have.

Do I Need My Original to Buy a Replacement High School Diploma Online?

We will not ask you to provide something you lost, that’s why we’re here to help! So long as you know your High School name, Student’s name, the City and State of your School and Graduation date, you can kick back while we professionally design and print your High School Diploma on the highest quality diploma parchment paper, complete with embossed or raised seal and ship it to you quickly and discreetly. High School Transcripts will add proof of your High School completion and list your classes and grades on thermogenic security paper complete with embossed seals and security holograms.


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