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Buy Replacement or Novelty Fake Transcripts

Fake transcripts are useful for a wide variety of different purposes.

You can use them as a reference when you need to use your GPA, you can use them for unofficial purposes, and you can even get novelty fake transcripts. A college or high school transcript will indicate your GPA, grades earned in each course, your credit hours, and the type of honors you graduated with. A fake transcript will help you get by until you can order an official copy from your college or university.

Why Should You Order a Fake Transcript from Realistic Diplomas?

First and foremost, if you need a replacement transcript, you probably need it fast. Many institutions take up to two weeks to send out a copy of your original transcript. This is where Realistic Diplomas can step in and help. We can get you an official looking copy of your transcript fast, often getting you same day service. 

Secondly, you might not be able to get a copy of your transcript for one reason or another, such as a hold. This is where Realistic Diplomas can help you out. We can get you a copy of your transcript without having to pay fees to get a hold so that you can get your transcript. 

Why Does Realistic Diplomas Do Fake Transcripts Better Than Anyone Else? 

We make sure that all details on your transcript are right. We incorporate all the following information and design elements: 

  • Personal Information: The student's name, identification number, and other personal identifying information.

  • Enrollment Information: The dates of enrollment, academic level, and major or program of study.

  • Course Information: A list of all courses taken by the student, including course titles, grades received, and credit hours earned.

  • GPA: The student's grade point average (GPA) for each term as well as overall GPA.

  • Degree Information: Any degrees conferred and the date of graduation.

  • Academic Standing: Any academic standing, such as probation or suspension, and the reason for such standing.

  • Transfer Credits: Any transfer credits that have been accepted and applied toward the student's degree.

  • Design Elements: Like your college or high school seals and fonts. 

Work With Realistic Diplomas For Your Fake High School or College Transcripts

Whether you need a transcript for personal use or as a novelty copy, reach out to Realistic Diplomas. We’ll get you a transcript quickly and make sure that you get an authentic looking copy quickly. Our transcripts are better than the competitors because we actually utilize a design team to get the product that you deserve. 




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