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5 Reasons Fake Diplomas Make the Perfect Gag Gift

5 Reasons Fake Diplomas Make the Perfect Gag Gift

Gag gifts are the gifts that keep giving. Although this concept started surrounded by negativity, gag gifts have progressed to a funny investment intended to make the recipient laugh.

There are hundreds of good gag gifts you can give your friends, family, and coworkers. One of the best options on the market is fake diplomas. 

Yes, that piece of paper that you received after high school, undergraduate, grad school, or another phase of life. Although college was a popular option after high school years ago, fewer and fewer teenagers are attending school. 

For those that do attend a four-year university, the national college graduation rate is 46 percent. That percentage equates to about 4.5 million college degrees a year, but what about those students that never get that illustrious piece of paper in the mail or are still working toward it?

If you need convincing why a fake diploma is a great gag gift, don't move a muscle. Here are five reasons why a fake diploma makes for the perfect gag gift. 

1. Graduate From the "School of Life"

If you're someone who never graduated college, fake diplomas can be a good reminder that the achievements you've accomplished besides education are worth just as much as a diploma. 

Serious or silly, diplomas can reward an individual from graduating from the "School of Life." 

The School of Life can be described as any number of moments. Having a baby, buying their first home, accepting a big job offer, the possibilities are endless. Commemorate these moments with fake diplomas. 

Gender reveals and celebratory events are common nowadays. When you get a group of people together for these types of occasions, gifts are almost expected. Although a fake diploma is a gag gift, these types of moments can be memorialized appropriately. 

Long gone are the times when people associated the lack of a college degree and the ability to succeed. In the 21st century, there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs and individuals in the workforce that didn't attend college. 

For those who graduated from the "School of Life" and grabbed their future by the horns, this fake diploma is for you. 

2. Replacement Fake Diplomas

Accidents happen. Although the diploma itself is not worth the thousands of dollars you put into a four-year degree, the memories associated with the diploma are still valuable. 

If you damaged or lost your diploma, fake diplomas are a great alternative to stand in a diplomas place while your school sends you a new copy. 

In some cases, a diploma is needed when you're applying for a job or graduate school. If you need one in a pinch, buying a replacement diploma is a great option. 

However, before you have to order a fake diploma in a pinch, there's a better time to invest in a fake diploma. 

3. Have a Backup

When you graduate, investing in a backup immediately can skip a few steps in the waiting phase. As we mentioned above, you might need your diploma for a couple of reasons. Don't wait to order another. Get your real and fake diploma at the same time. 

Backup diplomas are also great for displaying in different locations while your real diploma is safe at home. You never know what could happen to a value while it's at work.

It can be quite a hassle to get ahold of the school you attended if you need a replacement. It might also cost you a bit more money in the long run. Before that accident happens, have your diploma ready. 

4. Prestigious or Fake School

Not smart enough to graduate from Harvard or Yale? Wish you could graduate from the school of your favorite TV show? No problem. 

Impress all your friends and invest in a fake diploma from a prestigious university. If you have ever dreamt of graduating from the college you didn't get into or want to flex on someone for whatever reason, this is a great reason to invest in a novelty diploma. 

Fake diplomas can also be a great gift for the TV show/movie superfan. Being a graduate of Riverdale, Boy Meets World, Friday Night Lights, and more is possible when you purchase a fake diploma. 

5. Props for Work

Imagine this scenario. You're the director on the set of a movie or television show, and you're about to film a scene with a diploma on the wall. The camera pans over the professor and the student in an office, and the diploma is a talking point coming into focus. It doesn't look generic, and it actually enhances the scene. 

If you're apart of the entertainment industry, you need a fake diploma for a shot on set. Using diplomas as props is a popular occurrence. You want the show to be as realistic as possible, and a fake diploma can make or break the scene's validity. 

Most shows decide to go the rolled-up piece of paper route, posing as a diploma to save money. Up your game and get a custom-made diploma for your shot. You'll be glad you invested in a minor detail that can go a long way.

Don't fall into the trap of cheesy alternatives for a diploma. 

Diplomas Done Right

If you're thinking about investing in fake diplomas, odds are you want a legitimate and fast product. 

RealisticDiplomas.com can cover both of your needs. We've been shipping diplomas since 2001 and are focused on making sure you receive your order the way you intended it to be. 

We're one of the leaders in the novelty and replacement document printers on the web. If you're worried about the process being done right, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Whether you're looking for GED, undergraduate, doctorate, or another degree, we have it. Our process ensures your diploma goes through multiple quality checks before it gets to your door. 

Contact us today for more information and exceed your expectations. 



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