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How To Fake a Bachelor Degree to Fool Your Friends

How To Fake a Bachelor Degree to Fool Your Friends

If you haven’t seen your friends in a long time, attending a reunion can be a bit nerve-wracking. While it doesn’t always happen, there’s a tendency for everyone to talk about what they’ve accomplished so far, especially if this circle is composed of friends you’ve known from high school. If you happen to be the host of the upcoming party, you might feel even more anxious if you have nothing to show for. Thus, you might be tempted to fake a bachelor’s degree just so you can impress them.

There’s technically nothing wrong with faking a bachelor’s degree if you’ll only use it to make yourself look good in front of a few friends. You might not have a bachelor’s degree to begin with, or you want to add another alongside your existing college diploma. As long as it’s just to fool a couple of friends or have the document act as a prop, you aren’t necessarily breaking the law. The only time fake bachelor’s degrees become illegal is if you pass them off as authentic documents and submit them to a government office or as a requirement for employment.

What Is a Bachelor's Degree?

Before getting a fake degree, it pays to know what exactly it is and what qualifies for an authentic copy. In the case of a bachelor’s degree, it’s a certificate or document awarded to students who have completed all the course requirements for college graduation. Depending on the institution or the academic discipline, it can take an average of three to seven years for a real bachelor’s degree to be obtained.

Knowing which degrees qualify can make your fake copy look even more authentic and believable. That said, here’s a list of bachelor’s degrees that you can get:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.)
  • Bachelor of Agriculture (B.Agri.)
  • Bachelor of Accounting (B.Acct.)
  • Bachelor of Liberal Studies (B.L.S.)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
  • Honors of Baccalaureate in Arts (H.B.A.)
  • Honors of Baccalaureate in Science (H.B.S.)
  • Honors of Baccalaureate in Fine Arts (H.B.F.A.)

How To Fake a Bachelor's Degree

Now that you know what a bachelor’s degree is, here are the steps you can take to fake one:

Step 1: Work With a Fake Diploma Maker

Believe it or not, there are many fake diploma makers you can find online. A quick Google search will lead you to a handful of services that can provide authentic-looking documents. Check out the websites of these fake diploma makers and compare their services. One notable feature you should consider is if a particular website has options to customize a fake diploma.

After reviewing the terms and conditions of several fake diploma creators, you can prepare a short list then move on to the next step.

Step 2: Review Samples

After coming up with your list, it’s time to review the samples of each fake diploma website you’ve included. Closely examine each copy of the certificate and see if it can pass off as authentic. Some characteristics you should look out for are the following:

  • Watermark
  • Logo
  • Embossed gold seal
  • Font type
  • Signatures
  • Paper quality
  • Name of the school

If the website doesn’t offer these features, it might be best to find another. Good paper quality is especially important as you don’t want to get a diploma printed on just any type of paper. Diplomas and certificates are typically printed on parchment paper, so if a website doesn’t provide this, you’re likely to get a fake diploma that won’t look convincing.

Additionally, it’s also important to check reviews about the fake diploma website. Similar to shopping for anything online, don’t expect all reviews to be 100% positive. In fact, having a few bad reviews can let you see how the website handles complaints. Just make sure that there are more positive reviews than negative ones, and that negative ones are acknowledged and addressed properly.

Step 3: Order Your Fake Degree

Once you’re satisfied with reviewing the samples, it’s time to order your fake bachelor’s degree. Think about what type of design you want for your certificate. Do you want to replicate the design of your existing bachelor’s degree and just change the major? Or do you want a completely different design that makes it look like you attended another academic institution?

If you want to replicate an existing template, find a website that offers a “Perfect Match Design” option. If you want a completely different design, choose a website that offers a “fully customizable in-house design” option.

Step 4: Customize the Design

During the customization process, be sure to fill in the following details you want reflected in your fake bachelor’s degree:

  • Type of degree
  • Major
  • Your name
  • School’s name
  • School’s location
  • Year of graduation

Step 5: Approve the Proofs and Wait for Delivery

After customizing your design and checking if all the details are correct, you can now submit your order. In some cases, the fake diploma maker will send you a digital or physical proof that you need to approve before the actual diploma is printed and shipped to you. Once you’ve approved the proof, all you need to do is wait for it to be delivered.

Impress Your Friends

With a fake bachelor’s degree, you can impress your friends and have something as a conversation starter during your party. Moreover, your fake degree can even serve as interesting decor that you can show off to all of your houseguests. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard displaying numerous fake degrees unless everyone else is in on the joke.

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