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Can I Use a Fake Diploma to Get a Job? 5 Things to Know

When we think about a fake diploma, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many people, it is trying to get a job you are not qualified for or perhaps trying to get into a masters course by pretending you went to a better college than you actually attended.

Using a fake diploma for both of these purposes is - legally speaking - fraud and if you do it you run the risk of destroying any academic career and ruining any future job prospects that you had lined up.

As the backlash to the recent college admissions scandal, in which teachers and coaches were caught taking bribes to get children into top schools shows, everyone hates a cheater. 

Morally speaking using a fake diploma, even if you do manage to pull the wool over the eyes of your employer or professor, undermines the system for everyone else.

But there are many good reasons to use a fake diploma that are morally sound. Here's what you need to know!

1. Novelty Fake Diplomas 

U.S College students are often accused of being lazy and not dedicated. Although many would argue that this is not true, a great motivator for many students is to know what they are working towards.  

Novelty degrees or fake diplomas of the course a student is currently completing is a reminder of this on a daily basis. By purchasing the course they hope to graduate from and then hanging it above their bed in the college dorm they can motivate themselves to work hard to get the grade they so want.

Fake diplomas can also be used as a gift for a friend or family member who might be considering studying a certain course. They can also act as a novelty or humor product that makes for a good joke. 

Buying your friend a fake first class degree from Cambridge University if they have a reputation for behaving stupidly might be an ironic in-joke.

Some people even choose to take this joke further with a fake transcript. These can be designed in a fun way to illustrate the different fake ‘subjects’ a ‘student’ has earned credits in like ‘learning how to be a better lover’.

2. Love of the College

Some people love a particular university even though they have never attended. It may be that all of a person’s celebrity heroes attended the same alma mater. It can then be hard not to feel that the school played a unique part in the life of some many you love.

Having a fake degree might make that person feel that they are somehow connected with the school and part of the community.

The same might be the case if a parent has saved up hard to send his or her children to a particular university even though they did not have much money. If the children then go on to get very well paying jobs and seem happy, perhaps the parent wants to feel that they too are part of the university experience. 

3. Replacement Diplomas  

But fake diplomas can also serve another, more serious purpose and that is to replace your lost degree: a replica diploma. If you actually have the diploma you are using then sometimes ordering a genuine copy from your alma mater can be a hassle. 

It can be expensive but it can also take a lot of time to be posted to you or prepared. Often this can be time that you don’t have. Perhaps your new boss has asked for a copy of your diploma in order to secure your job within a certain time frame. 

A fake diploma can be an option in this case. Morally, you are not compromised as you actually have the qualification that you are claiming. Some bosses can be relaxed about this and can even recommend a service for you as they frequently have this problem. They want a copy of a diploma - real or otherwise - for their own record keeping. 

4. Movie Casting 

Another reason people buy fake diplomas is that they are needed for a movie set. How many times has a scene been set in a doctor’s office or there is a scene involving a professor in which their certificates have been hanging in the background?

In order to give attention to detail, set designers and production staff usually go to extreme lengths including hiring a company that exclusively prints quality fakes to print an almost exact copy of a degree certificate. 

Even if they are only going to be seen for a brief shot in the background and it will be out of focus, the authenticity that a fake brings to a set cannot be overstated. It can allow the actors to feel as if they are better in character. 

5. A Collectible Item?

Some people collect real diplomas. They are addicted to studying and have bachelors and masters degrees in almost every subject you can think of. For some people, however, this sounds like way too much hard work.

Instead, they collect authentic fake diplomas from different educational institutions and trade them in with other collectors, as many people do with stamps or cars. It is an inexpensive hobby in comparison but it can bring the collector a lot of happiness.  

If they display their fake diplomas in their house it can make them seem like a very learned person indeed to the unsuspecting guest. 

A Fake Diploma Has Many Uses 

Many people don’t realize that a fake diploma doesn’t have to involve fraudulent behavior.

From helping a student to prove to his or her employer that they have studied for the qualification they actually have to making a movie set seem authentic, a fake diploma is the perfect solution to many problems. 

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