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How to Get a Copy of Your College Diploma If the College or University Is Closed

You've put in four years of hard work and thousands of dollars. Your college diploma is the reward for your education. It makes you proud. Just the sight of it recalls memories of late-night study sessions.

Yet, you've misplaced that diploma. Or it's lost somewhere. Or it was somehow damaged. 

You want to order a replacement, but your college closed its doors. There's no campus to call and no website to visit. What can you do? 

The good news is, you're not completely out of luck. You can easily get a copy and recall all those memories once again.

Want to know how to get a copy of your college diploma? Keep on reading!

Do Schools Normally Close For Business?

It's not overly common for a school to close its doors, but it does happen. As with any business, schools can experience financial struggles. Low funds can make it hard for them to stay open. 

Since 2016, over 50 colleges and universities have shut down. The majority close for financial reasons, but some lost their accreditations.

Normally, if you wanted a copy of your diploma, you'd just call your school and fill out a request. A simple fee later, and your copy would be on its way.

However, if your school fell into one of the situations above, you don't have a phone number to reach the school.

How to Get a Copy of Your College Diploma: An Alternative Method

Your first thought to replace your diploma may not be contacting a fake diploma company. However, this is the perfect reason to reach out to them.

Fake diploma companies have access to diploma templates that real colleges use. They work hard to make their replicas look and feel authentic. Their fake documents even include realistic seals.

Why Use Fake Diplomas?

Fake diplomas are usually made for entertainment purposes. They're authentic-looking props in movies and T.V. series.

Sit down for an episode of House M.D.: Fake diploma. The Patch Adams scene in the dean's office? Fake diploma. The office background in Liar Liar? Fake diploma. 

If companies can create something authentic enough for Hollywood cameras, they can recreate your diploma for your living room.

What Information Do I Need to Give?

You can't expect them to create a fake diploma out of thin air. To make it the best replica possible, you'll need to give a fake diploma company some information.

Your Old College or University's Name

The first information to start with is the name of your old college or university. Each school has its own diploma layout. These companies have access to thousands of templates and can quickly find one that matches yours. 


Of course, you'll need to give them your name to ensure its made out to you. Be sure you double-check that it's not misspelled. Also, if your name has changed since college (due to marriage, divorce, etc) this is the perfect time to get your new name on paper.

Graduation Dates

When did you graduate from college? This seems straight forward, but sometimes students finish classes in the Fall. Then, they walk in their graduation in the Spring. Whichever date you'd like on your diploma is up to you. 

Area of Study

Don't forget to tell them what you studied. Did your original also include any minors you studied?  Whether it be a bachelors of arts or a masters in science, you'll want your replacement to reflect that.

Once you've given all the information, a design team gets to work. They fill in the correct template with your information. They should send you a digital image to confirm everything is exactly how you want it.

From there, your replacement will be on its way to you in the mail.

How Does a Fake Diploma Compare?

As we mentioned earlier, movies and T.V. studios use fake diplomas all the time for their props. How do they actually compare in real life, though?

Most of the time, a fake diploma company is able to create an exact template for individual colleges. They collect real diplomas and make notes on every detail.

Every school has its own unique layout and structure. These companies make careful notes when setting templates for replicas. For example, they find the exact fonts they use and where the seal belongs. They even find the number of signatures needed.

The layout isn't the only thing that makes a fake diploma look real. The paper used to print off a fake diploma has a very realistic feel, too. No one visiting your home will be able to tell the difference.

They'll believe you actually found your old diploma and put it on display as if it were never gone in the first place.

Your College Diploma Replacement

Wondering how to get a copy of your college diploma? If your school does close its doors, a fake diploma may be the answer. 

A college shutting down may make it difficult or impossible to get a real copy. There's no one to directly call. There's no office to contact. There's no website to visit. In this case, a fake diploma is a great replica for your personal use. 

A fake diploma isn't a replacement for a real degree. It may look official, but nothing is being issued when you order one. Even if your school has closed its doors, records will still prove you earned your degree.

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