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Need a High School Diploma Replacement? Here's What to Do to Get a New Diploma STAT

Need a High School Diploma Replacement? Here's What to Do to Get a New Diploma STAT

Americans who complete high school earn an average of $10,000 more than those who do not graduate. The ability to prove that you finished high school is key to many higher education and job opportunities. 

Yet not everyone has a copy of their high school diploma on hand. There are many reasons for this. Often the lack of a diploma goes unnoticed until the moment you need it.

Keep reading to learn how you can get a high school diploma replacement quickly and easily when you need one. 

When Do You Need A Copy Of Your Diploma?

Many Americans go years at a time without thinking about their diplomas. Yet there are occasions when you may need to produce a copy of your diploma. Most commonly, these include: 

  • Applying for a job
  • Enrolling in college or another higher education program
  • Applying to join the military  

In each of these cases, you may be able to find substitutes or alternatives for submitting a diploma if you do not have one. However, these workarounds are almost always more time-consuming and expensive than simply getting a high school diploma replacement. 

Diplomas for Display

Not all graduates seeking replacement copies of their diplomas need them for application purposes. Often, businesspeople find that there is great value in having a diploma on display in one's office or place of business. This is particularly true in high ranking positions or competitive environments. 

A decorative, nicely framed diploma can add gravitas to your office decor and send powerful messages about your competency and professionalism to coworkers and visitors alike. 

The Difference Between Diplomas And Transcripts

Whenever you think you need a diploma, it is important to verify what the requestor is looking for. Diplomas and transcripts are not the same things. Confusing them can lead to unnecessary complications, expenses, and delays. 

A diploma is a single-page document stating that you graduated from high school. A transcript is a multi-page record of your academic education. It typically lists classes, grades, and other relevant information. 

Double-check that you know which of these you need to submit before making an effort to track down or order paperwork. 

Where To Start When You Need A High School Diploma Replacement

So you've determined that you need a copy of your diploma and which kind you need. That's a great start. But many Americans have no idea how to get a replacement diploma from high school. 

Where do you start?

The Standard Process

The first step is to talk to your high school. In most cases, you can do this in person, by phone, or via email.

Before calling, it may be helpful to check your school's website. Many schools provide clear instructions on who to contact about how to get a replacement diploma. If not, it is typically best to ask for the main office or registrar. 

The second step is to complete whatever request form your school requires. You may be able to do this digitally, or you may have to print, complete, and mail your form. Of course, if you still live in the area, you can also do it in person. 

The third step is to provide the school with copies of whatever documentation they require to verify your identity. For example, you may need to show them a copy of your driver's license. 

The fourth step is to pay the high school diploma replacement fee. 

After all of these steps are completed, your high school will issue you a new copy of your diploma. This process can take several weeks. 


Figuring out how to get a copy of your high school diploma isn't always as easy as following the standard process. Occasionally, complications can arise. For example:

  • Your high school may no longer exist
  • Your records may not be readily available (common among people who graduated decades ago)
  • Your high school cannot or will not issue replacement diplomas

When you find yourself facing one of these situations, you have several options. 

Look Into Transcripts

If your high school simply does not issue replacement diplomas, see if you can get a copy of your transcript instead. Alongside a letter from the school stating their policy, this is often enough to satisfy requests for your diploma. 

Go Up The Chain

If your school no longer exists or does not have records from your graduation year, you will need to go up the chain. First, contact the school district of which your high school was a part. The central office should be able to assist you. 

If they cannot or the district no longer exists, contact the state's Department of Education. Explain that you need to know how to get a replacement high school diploma for a defunct school. The Department will be able to provide you with information on how to proceed. 

Even if you attended a private school, the Department of Education should be able to help you find a copy of your records. 

Alternative Options

In almost all cases, these options will lead to you getting the high school diploma replacement you need. However, they are not fast processes. 

This leaves many Americans wondering, "can you get a replacement diploma quickly if you need one?" The answer is yes, but typically not through the school. 

Instead, you may find that you need to get a copy of your high school diploma from a third-party source. These providers quickly deliver realistic and display-worthy diplomas with all of the correct information on them.

These diplomas can serve as vital stand-ins for your school-issued diploma until that document arrives. In some cases, people elect to order third-party diplomas as stand-ins simply because they are more attractive or easier to read than the original.  

As long as they reflect your accurate information, third-party diplomas are entirely legal and safe to use. 

Get Your Replacement Diploma Today

If you need a high school diploma replacement, skip the hassle and delays. Contact the diploma experts and let them provide you with the documents you need today. 

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