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What Classes Look Good on a College Transcript?

What Classes Look Good on a College Transcript?

Getting hired for a job is all about making a good impression. Even before you get a call for an interview, the company must see that you are someone of value to gain their interest. One of the ways you can do that is to have courses relevant to the job on your college transcript. It means you have the knowledge and experience needed to start with the company.

However, you may be wondering what kinds of classes look good on a transcript. Here are some of the courses that matter the most for most employers.

Government & Sociology Courses

Awareness about social issues and societal problems is a big plus for many companies today. Since the world is now interconnected, having employees that understand their problems improves their value.

Companies want people who understand concepts like diversity and equal opportunity. They also want people who understand the needs and struggles of others.


Writing is a skill you’ll use all your life, no matter what type of work you choose to do. It will be essential in crafting emails, presentations, and other documents. You can use it to channel creativity and form ideas. It’s a way to communicate that helps in today’s working world, where face-to-face meetups are becoming less common.


Math is a skill that’s applied in numerous disciplines. Many of today’s industries have deep math applications, from information technology to design. Math is also a way to help develop someone’s skills, including discipline, logic, and perseverance.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts knowledge is essential to develop numerous skills people will need in the workplace. It helps develop visual ability, motor skills, and collaboration. Art classes also tend to have more accountability and decision-making involved with each project. Those who are good with the arts tend to have more perseverance and confidence in their work. Employers highly regard all these skills.


Most business courses help students learn what it’s like to work in a collaborative environment. Often, companies require the help of many moving parts to accomplish larger goals. By completing these courses, you tell the employer that you know how to work in their environment. It is why many careers look for business backgrounds when they’re hiring.

Don’t Limit Yourself

The secret to many of these classes is you don’t have to learn them in a traditional setting. If you’ve neglected to get any of them during college, you still have opportunities outside it. There are many free and paid classes out there that can give you what you need to get the job. However, companies may not be so open without any certification or proof.

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