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More Than 13 Million Good Jobs in America for People with a High School Diploma or GED

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Although students are being pushed towards the idea that you cannot be successful without at least a 4-year degree, there are currently 13 MILLION unclaimed jobs waiting for people with a High School or GED Diploma

 An Executive Summary issued by the Center of Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase & Co. says there are still “Good Jobs” out there for people with a High School Diploma or GED, and states in their report, “The high school economy will likely remain a stable pathway to good jobs in the near term even as older workers with no more than a high school diploma continue to retire."

The researches define “Good” jobs as those which pay more than $35,000 for people with less than a Bachelor’s Degree, and more than $65,000 for people with a Graduate degree from a College or University.

The findings were optimistic, showing that in 1991 there were 15 million High School jobs, whereas in 2016 the High School and equivalent pathway decreased to 13 million High School and GED jobs, and equates to 20% of all "good jobs" in America.  Though a decrease may not seem attractive, as concluded by researches in the released report, "The fact that good jobs for high school workers have persisted to the extent that they have is a testament to the resilience of this pathway."  

So, if you are still waiting to get your GED or High School Diploma, it may be costing you more than you think.

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