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We would need you to show us what you want us to make. This will be a real match of what you send us NOT a made up design. 

These match novelty, replica, replacement High School diplomas are the best quality you can find at a fair price.*Production time on a match might take longer than our standard products.

They are great for novelty, replacement and as an extra copy or a Digital File to have for your records and backed with our 100% trust factor guarantee!

If you don't see what you need, please email us and we will help!

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Proof/Reviews | Digital Copy Explanation

  • Printed Product - Your product will print and mail
  • Email Digital Copy - Your Product will not Print, but will be delivered digitally in PDF format ( not a scan ) this final version with logos, seals, holograms are for your records or to print on your own.
  • Proof/Review - See your artwork before it prints for approval. Please provide us with a working phone number and email.
  • Picture - We will print your product and take a picture of the final product for you. Changes after delivery will require a design fee. Please make sure to only approve work that you feel is correct

    We take all efforts to keep you informed. But Please be diligent about following up with us. We deliver everything but due to spam, bad emails and phone and other unknown issues.. our correspondence may not get to you.

    Please Follow up if you do not hear from us.

  • Notes and Special Instructions  

    Make your replica stand out with a padded cover! We can print with the name of your school, logo, your name, or all of these in metallic foil. Choose from the drop down menu below:

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