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by on December 1, 2009

There are many reasons why people purchase fake GED diplomas: replace an original, as a gag gift, wow your friends and family, inspiration, boost your ego or increase your social media profile.

Whether you attended a GED school only, or you graduated from a college or university, your diploma is a great way to prove to others that you've achieved your educational goals. For the professional, it's always a good idea to have your diploma on display in your office or place of business. This is a good indicator to others that you have the proper credentials needed to excel in your chosen field. But for some, keeping their official diploma on display is not something they would prefer to do. In the event of a robbery or a fire, their original diplomas could be lost forever. This is why getting fake college diplomas as an alternative and a good idea. With a fake diploma, you'll be able to keep your degree on display for all to see, without the risk of loss or theft. It also allows you to safely file the original somewhere safe and away from the possibility of loss.

Good fake GED degrees should look as authentic and official as possible. Be sure you have the correct spelling of your name, graduation date and year, and the type of degree you have received on display. In essence the fake diploma should look much like a reproduction of the original. If possible, it should also have the school or state seal or emblem included as well. You can get fake high school degrees as well as ones for college. The high school degree can be displayed next to the college diploma if desired. Whatever the reason, having a reproduction or a fake diploma is a good idea so that there will be a backup and something to display on the wall near your desk. These can be purchased at reasonable prices, so you're able to easily have one that will last for many years to come.

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by on November 16, 2009

I needed a high school transcript ASAP for a job interview and my high school was going to make me wait weeks to get one in the mail. Thanks to phony diploma I got my transcript and my dream job!

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by on November 12, 2009

Thank you for the fake diploma and realistic transcripts. They looked just like a college diploma. My old university diploma doesn't look to be the best diploma anymore. I saved money with the package of certificate - degree - and transcripts.

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by on November 16, 2009

When I lost all my important documents in our house fire I was able to attain a fake high school diploma and transcript that I needed urgently!

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by on October 14, 2019

Love it

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by on November 16, 2009

Can you believe how much schools are charging for transcripts these days? I don’t even feel bad about ordering fake transcripts – I refuse to constantly fork over my hard earned money, my college got enough of it already!

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