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Buy Replacement and Novelty Fake College & University Diploma and Transcripts

We have the the highest quality college diplomas and transcripts money can buy!

Buy our Diplomas and Transcripts that are available individually or as a full set for the perfect replacement package. We have stock designs based on our extensive research on what real diplomas and transcripts look like. 

Select one of our College Diplomas, Transcripts or bundled package to get started!

What makes our Fake Diplomas and Transcript look so Realistic?

-          We have spent over 20 years collectively gathering academic documents to ensure you receive the most realistic Diploma and Transcript possible.

-          We match your School Name, Student Information, Graduation date and realistic signatures are included at no extra cost!

-          We will print ANY Grade Point Average (GPA)

-          We provide a list of Standard or Custom courses on your transcript

-          We have raised, embossed, high quality flat ink seals, emblems and logos.

-          "Official Document" watermark is printed on the background of all our Transcripts to further confirm authenticity.

-          Each transcript is fashioned with full color seals, emblems, logos and coat of arms specific to your school of Graduation.

-          All Diplomas are printed on heavy stock diploma parchment paper.

-          We use attached security holograms further verifying your transcript originality.

-          The Back of your transcript is printed with an accurate "Grading Key"

-          Embossed "Registrar" seal and Signature of the Registrar is an available option!

-          We offer pre-print proofing and final product emails of high quality PDF files

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