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Where can I get a copy of my high school diploma and transcript

When applying to colleges, students are typically required to show proof of graduation or intended graduation, usually in the form of a high school diploma and/or transcripts. Many people struggle with this because they do not know where they can get a copy. As long as you attended high school for even one term, students should be able to receive a copy of your official transcripts from the school.

What if I attended more than one high school?

When students transfer from one high school to another they are required to provide the second school with a copy of their transcript. The second high school will either add the information to their official transcript, or keep the copy available for the student. Students will not have to contact both schools to receive their full high school transcript. Some schools charge a small fee to obtain a copy of student transcripts. Also, most schools will send the copy directly to the college. 

What if I didn’t graduate high school?

If a student has dropped out of high school and didn’t receive a diploma, they can still get a copy of their transcript. Their transcript will have the courses they completed and it will state that they did not graduate. Another option would be to purchase a fake diploma and fake high school transcript. For a low cost customers can provide written proof that they graduated high school, even if they dropped out.

I left high school, but still got my GED. How can I obtain a copy?

If a student has a GED, they will need to contact their state GED administrator’s office. They can also contact the school where they took the test and they can get students that information. If they are not happy with the score that they received on the test, they can purchase a fake GED diploma that would give then the educational background they want.

What should I do if I graduated high school, but am not happy with my grades?

Many people have the same problem. They want to get into a decent college, but don’t have the grades to guarantee them a spot. The best choice would be to purchase fake high school transcripts. Customers can customize it to the school of their choice and also the grades and GPA they desire. These fast diplomas and transcripts are the best option for getting an excellent college experience and guarantee a life of success.

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