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What jobs are available if you have a Law degree?

The field of law is one that is always in high demand. Because of the United State’s complex legal system, experienced lawyers and others working in the field are needed to ensure that the law is upheld, and to make sure that clients are protected. For students with a law degree, the possibilities are many. Getting a degree in law is rather intense, and can take many years of schooling. A successful Bar Exam score is also needed if graduates want to become attorneys and actually practice law. In most cases associates diplomas are not enough to find gainful employment in this chosen field. Instead, students should have a Bachelor’s at minimum in order to be able to work within law-related occupations.

Some people opt to form their own private law practice, but this can be quite expensive and may take some time to find loyal clients and create a solid reputation within the community. Most people who choose this option often begin working as a partner with other lawyers for many years before branching out on their own. There are several different aspects in which graduates with a law degree can work. For example, they can choose to be a representative for one particular company, and serve as their lawyers or work on the company’s legal team. Some grads prefer to work within the government sector, becoming a public defender or a city attorney. Others may opt to go into private consulting, acting as a liaison between various clients and the courts.

Students with Doctorate diplomas in law have many options when it comes to their career. Often, schooling this advanced can take over eight years to achieve, but the benefits are worth it. The average experienced attorney can make well over $150,000 per year. While the work one puts in to achieve this type of degree is extensive, the graduate has much more freedom to explore different possibilities in terms of career choices. A few students choose to be paralegals, which is an excellent option for getting your foot in the door. Paralegals are essentially assistants to lawyers, and must be able to understand and translate legal terms, as well as communicate with clients.

Some students who receive their law degree may not actually practice law in a court room, but instead will obtain careers as the head of different business or public organizations. This is often because they are trusted to maintain the law, and to practice business in a completely legal and an ethical fashion. Business management is another common choice among law graduates. Governmental jobs are popular, and criminal defense or prosecution legal jobs are also available. Law enforcement is another choice that many opt for once receiving their law degree. Students in this major should have a good understanding of the US Constitution, current state and federal laws, as well as ethics and standards. A good, solid understanding of legal terms and putting those terms into practice is also essential for a successful law related career.

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