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Web Based Lesson Plans for Teachers

The Internet can be incredibly helpful to teachers of all experience levels. It has opened a wide variety of a resources and ideas for enhancing any lesson plan. A teacher need only enter a lesson plan search into a search engine and a multitude of new ideas are at their fingertips. Additionally, there are also classroom activities and interactive guides for students on the web. Below are listing of math lesson plans to help spice up the monotony of endless numbers:

K-12 Lesson Plans: a compilation of lesson plans and teaching materials for all math levels.

Enhanced Scope and Sequence: a list of grade and course levels with appropriate lesson plans.

Elementary Math Lessons: a series of activities on shapes, geometry, telling time, and more.

Algebra Resources a series of lessons for K-12 algebra.

5th Grade Math: a list of lesson plans and activities suitable for teaching 5th graders.

A Guide to Teaching the Coordinate Graph: teaching graphing skills for 6th graders.

English and Literature resources on the web are especially helpful to teachers looking to make reading enjoyable for all students. Whether it be a different perspective on a specific novel or fun activities that coincide with a story, online literature and writing resources are great enhancements. Listed below are a few such activities and lesson plans:

Literature Activities and Lesson Plans: a variety of ideas for teachers to use to teach English and literature more effectively.

Writing a Mystery: gives teachers the tools to teach their students how to write mystery story.

The Power of Persuasive Writing: a webquest for high school students on making a solid argument in writing.

Narrative Writing Resources: a guide to teaching and understanding narrative writing.

English Lessons and Resources: activities, webquests, and ideas for teaching middle school literature.

Online history lesson plans help to get teachers and students out of the textbooks, and contribute to real activities that heighten learning. Sometimes it only takes a new activity to peak a student's interest.

History Lessons: a series for lesson plans for all grade levels.

Art History Lesson Plans: a compilation of activities and lessons for teaching elementary art.

7th and 8th Grade Social Studies Philosophy: a guide to the appropriate measures for teaching middle school social studies.

US History Lesson: an activity guide to comparing the different time periods in American history.

Travel Money: a webquest which teaches student to plan a cultural itinerary as well as budget money. Also suitable for a math lesson.

Social Studies Projects and Activities: lessons on multiple historical subjects suitable for grades 3-5.

Science can be a complicated subject to teach. To help students better understand scientific occurrences, Internet lesson plans are catered to specific academic levels and topics.

Science Technology Integration for 4th Graders: a step-by-step guide for teachers.

Science Lesson Plans: a list of plans from a certified teacher on physical and life sciences.

Science Topics: instructional lesson plans for the earth, physical, and life sciences as well as engineering.

The Water Cycle: a lesson plan for teaching the science of the water cycle.

Science Experiments: a compilation of scientific investigations for the classroom.

4th Grade Earth Science: a page of lesson plans for the weather, rocks, and the water cycle.

Technology is an important feature to any classroom of the modern era. Since technology is always growing and changing, it is important to keep students up to date.

Using Excel in the Classroom: a set of lesson plans for teaching students Microsoft Excel.

Surfing the Internet: a classroom guide to surfing the Internet for kindergarten and 1st graders.

Interactive Whiteboards: a guide to computer enhanced whiteboards known as SMART boards.

Technology Integration: a list of plans for introducing technology at all grade levels and courses.

Using Spreadsheets in the Classroom: a list of resources for teaching the importance of computer generated spreadsheets.

Lesson Plans for Specific Technologies: a resource guide to using technology in the classroom.

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