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Make a fake diploma using a template

Fake Diploma Template

Before you can create your own fake diploma, you've got to find a  template. Go ahead and use one from our site if you like.

A diploma templates usually includes information like your name, the date of "graduation," and the school from which the degree was supposedly generated.

Designing a Template

As I've said is in making sure it look realistic. In addition to making sure that the correct paper is used and that the appropriate seal is affixed, presenting the right information on your diploma template plays a huge role in the realism of your fake diploma. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when designing their diploma templates is using the wrong date.

The date is supposed to represent the day that you supposedly graduated. That is why it is important to make sure that the date you use is one suitable to your age and educational background. For instance, if you are 25 years old and graduated high school in 1995, it probably wouldn't make much sense to use a date earlier than 1995 for your fake college diploma.

Another thing you should pay attention to is your name. Obviously, your legal name should be printed on your phony diploma. Don't use any nicknames or abbreviations. If, for instance, your name is Patricia, don't use the name Pat or Tricia on your phony diploma. Doing so is a dead give away that your diploma is a fake. Use your full legal name and be sure to include any middle names and/or suffixes.

Taking the time to design your template is crucial. If you have any questions about diplomas, give me a call.  While I'd rather you order one from me, I'll answer your questions if you want to try it yourself.

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