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How to Fake Diploma

Fake Diplomas have gotten a bit of a bad reputation. This is unfortunately due to people who have used novelty diplomas in place of real diplomas when trying to get employed. Fake diplomas are really just a great tool for making a joke on someone; giving individuals the motivation to get a real degree while functioning as a temporary solution until they earn their legitimate degree. There are many situations where a novelty degree might be appropriate.

For some parents, getting their children to listen to their advice and stay in high school after turning 16 is practically impossible, especially for a parent that dropped out themselves. Instead, of giving in, parents can obtain fake high school diplomas to convince their children to stick it out. This will allow parents to work on gaining their real high school diploma without suffering insults or pressure. Then once the real diploma is received it can be switched out with the fake one, and no one has to know. 

Novelty degrees are also useful for those involved in acting and media production. A student enrolled at a film school or earning a degree in acting could use a fake diploma to film a scene. Photography students could also use novelty diplomas when taking pictures as they develop photojournalism skills and become more proficient in taking pictures.

Adults going to college for the first time, but wanting to keep that information private from curious children and family can also use a novelty college diploma. Students who want to avoid getting into an argument with their parents because of a bad grade could show their parents a fake transcript, buying enough time to pull their grades up during the following semester.

A fake college or high school diploma is fun when trying to play a practical joke on someone. A younger sibling enrolled in college at the same time as their older sibling may purchase a novelty diploma to show honors, better grades on transcripts, or even to make their sibling jealous with letters of recommendations their sibling can only dream of. After shocking their sibling, revealing the real grades and degree information will allow everyone to enjoy the joke.

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