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Best Law School Books – Essential Books in a Law Students Personal Library

Law school can be hard – just ask any 1L who’s had to go without sleep for two days to prepare for the exam next week.

What can make negotiating the jungle that is law school even harder is inadequate preparation, or the wrong tools in your armory. The books listed below will help you come to grips with the complexities of law school, and how to balance high grades with a social life without losing your sanity:

First Steps: Law School Admission Guides:

1. How To Get Into the Great Law Schools

One of the best books out there on mastering every aspect of a law school, from the personal statement, to the LSAT, to choosing which college might be the best for your needs and skill set.

2. Law School Confidential

A book that has been called “a must for anyone thinking of, or attending law school”, Law School Confidential is one of the best books to acquaint yourself with the law school lifestyle. Its conversational, candid style has made it really popular with law students over the years. An essential read.

Getting In: Essential LSAT Prep and Personal Statement books:

1. The Official LSAT Prep Test 51

As the title says, this is the official LSAT Prep Test book brought out by the Law School Admission Council, making it an essential part of your library. Features actual tests from pervious years.

2. The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT Prep Tests

One of the best books to help you prepare for the LSAT, unlike other books, it features actual tests from previous years. Completing this book will make you feel like a champ when it comes to the LSAT.

3. PowerScore Logic Games Bible

A great guide to what is probably the hardest section of the LSAT: the logic games. Mastering this book will jump your score up by several notches.

4. How to Write a Winning Personal Statement

The highlight of this book is the actual essays by the admissions directors of top law schools like Harvard Law, Yale Law, Univ. Of Michigan Law, etc. Other than this, it also features plenty of advice about writing the perfect personal statement.

Once You Are In: Guides to Success in the Law School

1. Law School Confidential

We are compelled to include this book in both this, and the above lists. The advice it delivers is useful for those thinking of applying to law school, as well as those who are already in. A must, and entertaining read.

2. Law School Insider: The Comprehensive 21st Century Guide to Success in Admissions, Classes, Law Review, Bar Exams and Job Searches.

A high quality, and thorough book that, as the title implies, deals comprehensively with admissions, classes, law review, bar exams, and job searches. A hefty book that will make law school a whole lot easier.

There you have it: a comprehensive list of essential books in a law student’s library.

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