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A Collection of Myths and Fables

Since cavemen began to write upon cave walls, men have been telling stories. Ancient civilizations told creation stories to explain how life began. They created gods and goddesses to help them cope with the struggles of life and these stories became the mythologies of their modern day cultures. All civilizations have also told teaching stories that include fables. Fables are stories that contain animals or other inanimate objects as the main characters in the place of humans. 
  • Aesop's Fables: Aesop lived over 2000 years ago and wrote many fables. This site has a number of the fables attributed to Aesop.
  • Hans Christian Andersen: Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish storyteller and poet. This website contains a large collection of his stories which include many fables.
  • The Brothers Grimm: The stories the Brothers Grimm originally collected were not nearly as sweet as the stories that children are told today. National Geographic has an interactive collection of the original tellings of the fables and fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.
  • Greek Mythology: Greek mythology is known and loved all over the world. This website has a list of the characters found in Greek mythology and their stories.
  • Norse Mythology: The Vikings believed in a number of gods and goddesses, the description of many of them and their myths can be found on this website.
  • Egyptian Mythology: Egyptian Mythology has captivated the modern world. This website holds 173 Egyptian gods and goddesses and many of the myths about them.      
  • Celtic Mythology: Fairies, elves, leprechauns and pots of gold are only a small part of Celtic Mythology. This webpage has links to the ancient Celtic gods and goddesses, stories, folklore, art and more.
  • Aztec Mythology: The ancient Aztec had many gods and goddesses that they relied upon for everyday life. This website explains who the gods and goddesses of Aztec society were.
  • Mayan Mythology: The Mayan civilization may have disappeared, but the Mayan mythologies live on. This website has links to explanations of the mythological meanings of everyday things in the Mayan's lives. 
  • Chinese Mythology: The mythology of China is very important to the Chinese people. On this webpage there are links Chinese myths and topics relating to it.
  • Japanese Mythology: A webpage with links to Japanese myths and a family tree of the Japanese gods.
  • Mythology and Fables of the United States: From John Henry and Paul Bunyan to Brer Rabbit, this website has stories, fables and myths from the United States.
  • Native American Mythology: Before the mythology of the United States began, there was the mythology of the Native Americans. This website has links to many myths of the Native American people.
  • Mythology of India: Indian mythology contains hundreds of gods and goddesses. To the Hindu people, the mythology is much more than stories, it is their history and religion. This webpage has links to information about the gods and goddesses and stories of them.
  • Sumerian Mythology: A webpage with ancient Sumerian stories.
  • Creation Stories: Ancient civilizations around the world had their own versions of the creation story. This webpage has links to eight interactive graphic creation stories from different cultures.
  • The Enuma Elish: The Enuma Elish is the Babylonian creation story. The text of this story can be found on this webpage.
  • Folklore and Mythology: A collection of folklore and mythology from around the world and spanning all ages.
  • Mythology Links: A webpage with links for students and teachers to mythology links from cultures all around the world.
  • Fairy Tales and Fables: A website with a number of well known fairy tales and fables with various versions of each story. 
  • Arthurian Legends: King Arthur was a beloved British King who is well known for his Knights of the Round Table. This website has information about King Arthur, his time, and the mythology surrounding him.
  • The Carlson Fable Collection: This website contains information on over 6,000 books of fables, including Aesop. You can search by time era and look at images from fables.
  • The Raven: The Raven is a well known figure in Native American mythology. The webpage contains many tales of the Raven.
  • Jean de La Fontaine: Jean de La Fontaine was a French poet who is better known for his fables. On this webpage is found a collection of his fables.
  • Uncle Remus: Uncle Remus is a fable well known in the south in the United States. It was written by Joel Chandler Harris. This webpage has links to excerpts from Uncle Remus - Legends of the Old Plantation.
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