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How to Buy a Degree

In addition to making sure that the realistic college degree you buy is made with quality materials, there are several other factors to consider in order to ensure that your fake high school or college degree is a quality product. In order to help you select the degree that is right for you, I have written the following information on how to buy a degree.

Before you buy a degree, you should first determine the effect you would like your realistic diploma to have on observers. If, for example, you truly want to fool people, then I recommend getting a Doctorate degree in a field similar to the one in which you work. While this type of degree is not always good for a laugh, it is an excellent purchase if you want to trick others into believing that you are smarter than you are.

If on the other hand, you want people to get a kick out of your realistic diploma, then I recommend that you buy a degree that has no intellectual value whatsoever. These types of degrees are my personal favorite in that they look very impressive from far away. Upon closer inspection, however, casual observers find that these phony degrees are positively absurd. My Doctorate of Jerk Psychology, for instance, looks exactly like a real degree from a few feet away. It is only after someone steps close enough to read it does he or she realize that the degree is a joke.

Finding the right degree to suit your intentions is incredibly easy. If you would like more information on how to find a degree, or if you would like to know how to find a degree online, call me.

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