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Why Earn a Masters Degree in Accounting

A Master’s Degree in Accounting is a professional graduate level degree that is offered by many colleges and universities. Some schools call this degree a Master of Accountancy degree, a Master of Science in Accountancy degree, or a Master of Professional Accountancy degree. This degree is usually offered from a university business school.
A primary goal of a graduate level accounting program is to permit a student to complete accounting coursework that prepares him to sit for a CPA exam, or certified public accounting exam. Most states require the completion of one hundred fifty credit hours of undergraduate and graduate level accounting courses as a qualification to sit for the CPA exam. Students with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting often do not have enough credits to sit for the CPA exam. People with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and no graduate level coursework can still qualify for the CPA exam if they have two years of work experience in the accounting field.
Some people get a Master’s Degree in Accounting, to help prepare them for other professional accounting examinations. People who want a career in corporate accounting can use graduate accounting education to prepare them to take the CMA exam, or certified management accountant exam. Students who want to work as internal auditors for a corporation can use graduate accounting coursework to prepare them for the CIA exam, or certified internal auditor exam.
Programs that offer graduate accounting degrees often allow students to concentrate in specialized areas. Students can take only accounting courses, they can take some accounting courses and some tax courses, or they can mix accounting coursework with graduate level business courses. Students who anticipate running their own business or working in a management position may get more benefit from a Master’s in Business Administration degree rather than a Master’s Degree in Accounting.
One of the best graduate level accounting programs is offered by the University of Texas at Austin. This school offers a Masters in Professional Accounting degree. Most students complete this program in a year. Texas students can seek a general accounting education or they can specialize in tax accounting, managerial accounting and control, or financial reporting.
Another excellent graduate level accounting program is offered at the University of Illinois at Urbana. This university offers a Master of Science in Accounting degree for students who did not major in accounting as an undergraduate. A Masters of Accounting Science degree, or MAS degree, is offered to students who already earned a Bachelors Degree in accounting. This school offers specializations in Taxation, Finance, and Information Technology.
A Masters in Accounting degree can be a good choice if you would like to become an accounting instructor. Graduate level study provides an additional recognition of educational achievement that a Bachelor’s Degree alone does not match.
Many students decide to pursue a graduate degree in accounting because it allows them to take the CPA exam sooner than students with only a Bachelor’s Degree. Some accountants without graduate level education cannot afford to pursue a graduate degree, and they must wait to take the CPA exam until they have completed two years of on the job experience. For students who want a faster track to a successful career, a Master’s Degree in Accounting program can be a good choice.
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