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Which careers require a degree in Psychology

Human development, behavior, culture, diversity, identity, and group relationships; these are just a few areas of interest for the psychologist. Psychology has a diverse career path, allowing graduates to work in practically any job that involves interaction with people. Its flexibility also extends to degree type; holders of associate, bachelor, and doctorate diplomas are taking advantage of psychology related jobs in government, academic, and private sectors.

Associate and undergraduate psychology degrees open up entry-level positions. Though clinical opportunities are not available at this educational level, the training involved in getting either degree offers valuable job training. While earning a psychology degree graduates invest a considerable amount of time in writing, researching, and communicating. Through regular classroom instruction, they get better insight into mental processes and environmental factors that influence human behavior. With this skill set, psychology students can find work in social and human services. Finding opportunities as case managers, family services workers, mental health technicians, and patient advocates. Another benefit of a psychology degree is that few career paths are blocked off. In the criminal and law field police officers, forensic psychologist, and parole officers, enjoy a less competitive work force thanks to having a background in psychology.

Though advanced degrees require a longer educational commitment, they are not the answer for those seeking fast diplomas. They will however, result in higher job salaries and by specializing there is greater job security. One of the most commonly chosen areas of specialization is clinical psychology. In this field, psychologist work to diagnose and treat patients suffering from mental illness, addiction, emotional, behavioral, and other problems. Large corporations are seeking out psychology students to conduct market research, train staff, and oversee customer relations. Psychology majors with advanced degrees are also using assessment tools to help companies make hiring decisions, prevent job turnoff, and increase workplace productivity.

Among the array of career options in Psychology is writing and blogging. Online and print publications need writers capable of simplifying complicated psychology terms and research findings for an International audience with general knowledge. To keep up their reputations publications are on the lookout for writers with some level of professional training. Helping them to provide sound, accurate information and avoid dragging down their reputations by looking like a fake. Customized diplomas in psychology are also providing careers in media relations. As a public relation specialists job candidates need to understand human psychology, write effective press releases and plan events. It has also become a necessity to know how to use personal interaction to reach audiences across new socialization platforms such as social networking sites, text messaging, and blogs. 

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