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What To Do with a Spanish Degree

A large number of colleges and universities offer degrees in Spanish, but many students are unsure of what their future holds if they should obtain a Spanish degree. They may think they don’t have any options when it comes to finding a job. In actuality, those with this type of degree have many different career paths available to them.

The educational arena is one such option for those who receive a Spanish degree. Spanish teachers are needed at the high school, junior high, and middle school levels. These schools are often looking for teachers that have some experience in the educational field or those who completed a double major. Additionally tutors and private teachers in Spanish are needed.

Those with a Spanish degree can also consider working as a college professor. Often times these jobs require someone with an advanced degree such as a Master’s or Doctorate in Spanish, but professors at the community college level sometimes need only a four year degree.

These individuals can also consider a career working for the government. Becoming an FBI agent for example requires a college degree and the ability to pass some specific tests. There are also openings in the NSA (National Security Agency) for those with who are bilingual. Additionally, the border patrol needs individuals with the ability to speak Spanish.

There are other openings in the government for those with a Spanish degree. In the immigration arena the courts and foreign relations areas have openings for individuals who have the ability to speak Spanish. These places need people who can translate what others are speaking, as well as act as a liaison between the two sides.

The business world is another option for those who possess a Spanish degree. The career openings in this area are diverse and far reaching. There are several countries that use Spanish as their primary language and these groups need interpreters and translators on hand to work out business deals. Individuals can work as a consultant, translator, or as a customer support agent.

Yet another option for those with a Spanish degree is a career in writing. Newspapers, trade publications, and book publishers need individuals to work as translators, proofreaders, writers, and editors who can speak both Spanish and English. These individuals take the words and change them into another language, or simply proofread and edit the words as they appear on the paper.

Lastly, those with a Spanish degree can pursue a career in the tourism industry. Individuals are needed to work as interpreters and guides to help individuals find their way around town. They can also work as a bilingual travel agent who helps vacationers plan their perfect trip, or as an escort to help those who speak a different language. Additionally, Spanish speakers are needed to act as a coordinator when it comes to planning events that include both English and Spanish speaking volunteers. Those who speak Spanish and complete their Spanish degree can find work in a variety of areas, it just depends on their particular career path.

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