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What percent of the population has a college degree

Education Statistics

According the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau (USCB), more than 50% of the U.S. population aged 25 years and older have completed at least some college. 84.5% have a high school diploma, 43.6% have received an associates diplomas or higher. 27.5% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. 10.1% have an advanced degree, which would be a master’s, professional or doctorate diplomas. Around 6% of U.S. citizens have achieved a master’s degree according to the 2005 figures.

A Master's degree (a 1 to 2 year program) can only be sought after passing the program admissions requirements. Most require acquiring a bachelor’s degree with a high GPA, but some require field experience.

Today, 70% of high school graduates go on to college, that’s up from 40% in 1970. Currently, Washington D.C. and Massachusetts have the highest percentage of people that have at least a bachelors degree, while Arkansas and West Virginia come in with the lowest percentage rate. The U.S. average overall is approximately 27%. In 2007, 72% of older Asians had at least a high school diploma and 32% had at least a bachelor’s degree, but only 58% of blacks and 42% of Hispanics had high school diplomas. Of the the older, non-Hispanic population, 21% hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

The aforementioned information tells us that more than 1 in 4 people of the U.S. population complete enough school to receive a bachelor’s degree. 1 in 10 than complete an advanced degree. All of these percentages have increased since the previous census. While some jobs don’t require someone to have a bachelor’s degree, many more want at least that in today’s job market. As student debt rises and more and more people opt out of going to college, the numbers are sure to change, with 6 people out of 10 worrying that they will not qualify for college at all and wishing for fast diplomas.

What People Are Thinking

More U.S. citizens feel that their educations are at risk. College has become an empty dream for many who feel it is financially out of their league. Much of the middle class feels that a college education is a must have, but are unsure how they will even manage to afford it. It’s become very important to families to have their children go to college in recent years, but have started to seek out other educational paths. Most only hope to see their child succeed in life, and they believe a higher education to be the answer to that.

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