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What kind of job can I get with an Art degree?

Artists thrive on creative expression. Painters, sculptors, and illustrators utilize visual mediums to communicate and share their ideas then present their work to art galleries to sell. In schools were art education is a primary focus, art teachers train the next generation of artists. With a fake high school transcript, students or art teachers can create hilarious classroom moments and explore more about options in art. Though these are the most well known art related careers, art is not limited to these professions. The skills taught when earning a fine art degree offer employment opportunities in everything from international business to advertising.

Though associate degrees offer fast diplomas and a quicker access to the job market, artist should consider their industry interest before choosing a course of study. Traditional four year art degrees are preferable in some subject areas and artist can also increase their employability by combining an art degree with a second area of interest. For example, photographers may pursue a degree in photography with a concentration in art. After graduation, artist can work for portrait studios or open up their own shops. Taking pictures for weddings, parties and events. Photographers also put their skills to use for advertising firms, newspapers, and magazines.  

Art's visual expression has created a niche in media publication. Animators create cartoon figures for big budget movies and television shows. Others highlight their illustration skills to create comic strips, comic books, and graphic novels popular with children and adults. Children's book authors and novelist often pursue art degrees to bring their works to life through the written word and their own illustrations. The greeting card industry also remains a strong employer for artist, using those with photography, calligraphy and painting skills to design cards expressing holiday and birthday wishes. Books, magazines and CDs all need the input of artists to create eye-catching designs and provide a chance for elevated status by working with celebrities.

One of the most interesting, fun and admired career paths that an art degree opens up is that of a tattoo artist. Tattoo artist create one of a kind creations that are embedded into the skin. Tattoo artist live a rock stars life, working on their own schedule and getting paid hundreds of dollars for individual designs. Tattoo artist can take advantage of fake customized diplomas, to display on the walls of their shops. Creating a conversation piece for customers to focus on and reducing the nerves of those getting their first tattoos. Elegant frame options us beautifully textured leather. Providing a stylish touch for displaying these novelty diplomas to further reassure and tease customers.  

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