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What jobs can you get with an Associates degree?

An associate’s degree is one of the most popular forms of college degrees, mainly because students can typically complete it within approximately two years of schooling instead of four. In addition, the job opportunities available with associates diplomas vary in job types, and are abundant. Career choices range from computer programming to medical assistant positions, and many students are hired within a few months of graduation. Some schools even offer job placement, so that students are already working as soon as they have completed their schooling.

The most common job for those with an associate’s degree are those in the world of computers: programmers, installers, troubleshooting technicians, and other occupations within the realm of computer specialist are prevalent. The medical field also offers several different career opportunities for people with their associate’s. These jobs can include: nuclear technician, nursing assistant, school nurse, diagnostic medicine technician, and dental hygienists. While each of these jobs require a special degree focusing on the student’s desired field, medical related jobs are very common among graduates of this degree type. The legal field is another job option for people who receive an associate’s degree. Court reporters and paralegals must have at least some level of higher education before they can enter into this type of work. Even funeral directors must have a college education in order to be hired for such a position, and this job ranks among the top 25 highest paying positions for people with an associate’s degree.

Engineering technicians are another job option for many who have gotten an Associate’s degree. This type of job can include a career in drafting, avionics, electronics, and city planning. Many students choose an associate’s degree because they are considered fast diplomas. Unlike Bachelor’s degrees or Master’s degrees, an associate’s degree takes much less time to accomplish, and can often be completed within two years instead of the traditional four, or even eight for those who go on to graduate schooling. People interested in the field of communications can find jobs doing things such as web design, broadcast technician positions, or sound engineering. Flight attendants and occupational therapists also often have their associate’s degree. The key to finding gainful employment with this form of degree is to look at the different job options available, and then choose a career path that best suits you. Most community colleges offer associate’s degrees, as well as several distance or online learning organizations. In many situations, you can attend classes at your convenience and there is no set deadline for graduation. This is perfect for working adults who want to continue school and finish up their higher education. Find a school that offers an associate’s degree in your chosen field, and find out if they also offer job placement so you will be able to start working upon graduation. Many higher paying jobs require at least an associate’s degree in order for you to be hired, so look around and find out what kind of exciting jobs are available to you today.

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