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What jobs can I get without a high school diploma?

Although high school diplomas and college degrees can you quite far in life, not everyone has the luxury of obtaining this important documentation. Without a high school diploma, quality jobs can be at a minimum. Getting a high school diploma is not easy or even practical for some people. While education is getting increasingly important in the job field, experts agree that experience may out weigh this factor. The right opportunity may allow a job seeker to get on the right track to a great career without a diploma.

Sales are the second best paying career behind the sports and entertainment industry. Entry level positions in sales do not usually require a high school diploma or college degree and can lead to advancements into a managerial position. A sales position is usually based on experience, but requires a good communicator, product knowledge, respectfulness and a long-term vision.

Restaurant and food service ranks at the top of the list for jobs you can get without a high school diploma. An entry level position such as: a waitress, bartender, fast-food worker or hostess could potentially lead to a promotion and therefore, better wages and atmosphere. The food service industry requires a worker who is self-motivated, energetic and friendly.

For those who enjoy hands on work, construction jobs often pay well and can lead to further work. Most construction jobs hire based on experience rather than education. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the median hourly earnings of a construction worker are $11.90. On the job training is usually received and a reliable vehicle is typically the only requirement.

Another type of work that does not require a high school diploma is janitorial jobs. This can range from cleaning houses, schools or businesses. Housekeepers are commonly needed and can pay upwards of $15 an hour or more. House cleaning jobs require motivated individuals that are able to maintain homes with pride. House cleaning employment may be per job basis or a full time gig.

It’s not impossible to get a job without a high school diploma. With hard work, dedication and an urge to achieve your goals, you could find yourself in a position that makes you complete. Market yourself in order to meet potential clients and employers. It’s best to make the most out of any situation and gain the job that you deserve.

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