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What jobs can I get with an Associate degree teaching?

An associate teaching degree allows graduates to gain experience in the field, while helping them discover if teaching is their true passion. Some students complete associates diplomas then transfer these credits to a 4-year institute to earn a Bachelor's degree in teaching. Teachers are required to have a bachelor's degree to earn a teaching certificate and teach at elementary, middle, and high school levels. With only an associates degree however, many challenging and rewarding experiences still exist.

Normally preschool teachers can be hired with only an associate's degree, though the highest demand is for those with a concentration in childcare and development. These teachers need enthusiasm, patience and a love for children to handle the stress of working with groups of children under 5 years of age on a daily basis. Preschool teachers often use games, storytelling, learning based activities, and creativity in their classrooms; teaching reading, writing, and socialization skills necessary to student advancement. These same skills are prized by private day care centers and some centers may hire individuals with only a high school diploma, previous child care experience, and a clean criminal record.

An overlooked area of consideration for graduates with these fast diplomas, is employment directly through families. Families looking for babysitters and nannies invite skilled workers into their homes to bathe, feed, exercise, and dress their children. As well as assisting with their educational development. Close bonds often develop between the family and child care worker, with some nannies living with the family and providing constant care for over a decade. Another option that offers more flexibility and allows for one-on-one student interaction is tutoring. Tutors help struggling students in their grade level to successfully complete their homework and meet established grade level competencies. Employment opportunities can be found through private companies but a number of tutors are choosing to open up their own businesses to make their own money.

Teacher aides are the most represented work area for those with an associate teaching degree. Aides help teachers with various classroom assignments, grading test papers, typing, filing, and providing individual attention to students who need help. Many specialize in one subject area such as math and often lead demonstrations or work with small groups of students on the subject area. Part-time opportunities are plentiful for teacher's aides and some work outside of schools with religious organizations and child care centers. High demand exists for teacher assistants and teachers and students interested in eventually becoming an accredited teacher can start as an assistant. Opening up state based tuition reimbursement opportunities to complete their 4-year teaching program and earn certification. Graduates can celebrate their hard work and sacrifice by getting a diploma featuring an embossed gold seal to showoff and hang up on the wall of their classroom.

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