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What can I do with a Social Sciences degree

What is Social Science?

Social science is a broad term used to qualify the scientific study of human beings in relation to his environment. This discipline incorporates studies in sociology, criminal justice, history, economics, demography, communication studies, cultural studies, media studies, public safety, linguistics, philology, and psychology. Notwithstanding the diversification, these studies are mainly concerned with understanding the elements of human actions and behavior with respect to his environment.

Skills of a Social Scientist.

The duties of a social scientist are demanding. The social scientist must be knowledgeable in mathematics, statistics, and geography. Statistics is highly needed because the social scientist must be able to gather his facts and findings in a synchronized order to help him compute his analysis very well. The ability to communicate effectively is also a high priority. Social scientists will make more impact if they are able to speak different languages, both domestic and international. As a social scientist the knowledge of drawing and reading maps, setting up questionnaires to a target audience and the ability to interact freely with one another are very beneficial.

Careers in Social Science

Whatever the qualification obtained in Social Science, be it an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, doctorate degree, doctorate diploma, or even an associate diploma, the truth is that a very lucrative job awaits the holders of these degrees and certificates. The trained professional can find work in different government establishments such as in community service, health service, social functions and law enforcement agencies. Other professionals in the field include sociologists, historians, guidance and counselors, adoption and foster care workers, therapists and religious workers.

Getting a Social Science degree

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