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The Skeptics Resource Page

Skepticism can be defined as questioning any claim that others may take for granted. In today's world, skeptics can be found in all walks of life, including medicine, the scientific community, religion, philosophy, and even history. The Internet is a vast library of resources and information on all types of skepticism. Those who are curious or doubtful about almost anything can find like-minded people simply by surfing the World Wide Web.

General Skepticism

In today's world, skepticism is flourishing. Perhaps because of the volatility of the times in which we live, people are more likely to be skeptical about things others have long believed. For some, skepticism is a blanket term covering a variety of doubts and questions. Publications and online media specifically targeted at skeptics abound.

  • CSI - This is the official website of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Its mission is to further scientific inquiry and reason in investigating extraordinary claims.

  • Skeptics Society - The official website of the Skeptics Society and Skeptic Magazine, this site promotes scientific and critical thinking.

  • Silly Beliefs - This site strives to expose silly, unscientific beliefs. Issues including the supernatural, pseudo-scientific, and the paranormal are debunked.

Scientific Skepticism

One of the most popular categories of skepticism today is scientific skepticism. There are many claims being made that can easily be challenged. These involve medical claims, declarations of paranormal activity, supernatural phenomena, and the study of mythical creatures. Those who question these so-called scientific happenings can explore a variety of viewpoints on the subjects.


  • The Charles Fort Institute - This is the website of the Charles Fort Institute, the home of fortean study. Forteana examines strange experiences and phenomena that cannot be explained through traditional scientific means.

  • Fortean Times magazine - The official website of the Fortean Times, this site presents unexplained phenomena around the world.


  • James Randi - This is the official website of the James Randi Educational Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to investigating, debunking, and exposing paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims.

  • NTS Fact Sheet - ESP - The website of the North Texas Skeptics, this site aims to show how ESP is inconsistent with scientific knowledge and how it cannot be demonstrated through laboratory experiments or in everyday life.

  • FAQ Psychic Powers - Produced by the University of Georgia, this site examines the phenomenon of psychic powers and explains concepts such as sensory leakage, dowsing, and the ganzfield.

  • Mystery Investigators - This group is dedicated to using science to examine claims of the paranormal and pseudo-scientific. They perform live demonstrations for schools, the media, and the general public.

  • Dowsing - Science or Humbug - This website presents information on the history of dowsing, its uses, and theories that attempt to explain its validity. Resources for dowsing are also offered.


  • UFO Folklore - This website promotes investigation and thought about the idea of UFOs. While it does not claim that UFOs do or do not exist, the site asks readers to keep an open mind when reading about UFO stories and claims.

  • Skeptic Friends Network - Astrology - This website explains the view of skeptics on astrology. It discusses how astrology is inaccurate, and why astrology is so popular among the public today.

  • The Burden of Skepticism - This article by Carl Sagan examines skeptical and scientific claims against the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence and against pseudoscience.

  • Saucer Smear - This website presents journalistic information investigating and debunking the concept of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

  • NASA Astronaut Blows Whistle on Alien Visitation - This article presents information from former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who claims that aliens have been sighted and that UFOs are real.

  • How real crop circles are made - This website promotes the existence of real crop circles, explaining how they are made. It also discusses how the media and scientists debunk them.

  • The UFO Skeptic's Page - This website presents information debunking the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Resources to believers' and non-believers' sites, photos of faked UFOs, and articles for and against UFO belief are offered.


  • Cryptozoology/Mythical Creatures - Sponsored by the Skeptiseum organization, this site presents a variety of mythical creatures that have been proven false. These include Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Texas Jackalope.

  • Bigfoot Believers vs. Skeptics - This site presents an article entailing scientific information from both sides: those who believe in the existence of Bigfoot and those who do not.

  • Cryptomundo - This site presents scientific investigations and information against the existence of cryptozoologic creatures such as Bigfoot, the British dragon, and the Mothman.

  • Loch Ness Monster Hoaxes - This site offers proof of Loch Ness Monster hoaxes throughout the years. Included are fake Loch Ness teeth, fossils, and photos.

Medical and Health Issues

  • Chirobase - This website seeks to help people understand vertebral subluxation and chiropractic care. It takes a skeptical point of view while presenting history, theories, and treatments involved in chiropractic care.

  • False Memory Syndrome Foundation - This is the official website of the FMSF, which seeks to expose false memory syndrome. False memory syndrome occurs when so-called repressed memories remembered during psychotherapy turn out to be manufactured and not based on reality.

  • National Council Against Health Fraud - This nonprofit organization presents health misinformation, fraud and quackery. Issues discussed and debunked include chiropractic, homeopathy, and herbal remedies.

  • Quackwatch - This website exposes quackery involving a variety of medical and health fields. This includes acupuncture, AIDS, and alternative medicine.

  • Reiki - This site presents an explanation of Reiki, what it claims, and the lack of scientific proof that it actually does anything.

  • Thought Field Therapy in the Media - This article by the Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice presents a critical analysis of Thought Field Therapy. It concludes that evidence of its validity has not been proven.

Religious Skepticism

Perhaps the most common ground where skeptics arise, religion is a hotbed of both belief and skepticism. Because feelings and beliefs regarding religion run deep, religious skepticism can produce emotionally-charged debate. Many who have expressed religious skepticism have had to fear for their lives. As the world is full of varied religions, there are more beliefs today than ever before for skeptics to challenge.

General Religious Skepticism

  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State - This website is dedicated to the separation of any form of religion from government. Things they are against include the National Day of Prayer, faith-based initiatives, and a traditional view of marriage.

  • Freedom From Religion Foundation - This nonprofit organization promotes the separation of church and state. It also educates the public on atheism and nontheism.

  • American Humanist Association - This is the official website of the organization, which is dedicated to proving that people can live a good life in the absence of religion.

Near-Death Experiences

  • A Skeptic's Near-Death Experience - This site relates the near-death experience of a skeptical scientist. It discusses the tunnel effect she experienced and her conclusion that this was due to the failure of neurotransmitters in the brain, not to a mystical experience.

  • University of Kentucky Researcher Skeptical on Near-Death Accounts - This site presents an interview with University of Kentucky Researcher Kevin Nelson, who offers scientific information and proof of what really occurs in near-death experiences.


  • No Answers in Genesis - This Australian website seeks to prove that creationism is false, and explains in detail the concept of evolution.

  • The Skeptical Creationism Website - This site presents information and resources against creationism, anti-evolutionism, and intelligent design.

Bible Code

  • Gospel Mysteries - This site examines a variety of Bible mysteries, including Mary Magdalene, The Devil, and Stigmata.

  • The Brick Testament - This website presents an illustrated Bible, debunking the claims through the entire Bible through anti-religious illustrations.

Intelligent Design

  • Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - This website seeks to present the concept of Intelligent Design in a satirical, lighthearted, yet informative way.

  • The Intelligent Design Hoax - This paper presents information against the concept of Intelligent Design.

  • - This website examines information debunking the Intelligent Design theory. It addresses educational, political, religious, and moral arguments for and against Intelligent Design.


  • AntiEvolution - This website presents information examining the movement against evolution. Topics include the age of the earth, fossils, and the origins of man.

  • The Evolution of a Skeptic - This site presents an interview with a professor of biochemistry who was an evolutionist but has since come to believe in the possibility of Intelligent Design.


  • The Brights - This organization promotes naturalism, a world view free from religious, supernatural, and mystical concepts or issues.

  • The Secular Web - This website is devoted to naturalism, a philosophy that implies that there are no supernatural forces affecting our universe, including God or religion. The site promotes atheism, naturalism, agnosticism, skepticism, and secularism.


  • Operation Clambake - This site seeks to expose the Church of Scientology. It includes basic information about Scientology, interviews, and case histories of those who escaped the church.




  • Sahaja Yoga - This website presents information against the Sahaja Yoga cult. Former members speak on charges of child abuse, the history of the cult, and money problems within the cult.

  • Ex-Cult Resource Center - This site provides information, resources, and assistance for those who are ex-cult members, or for those who have a family member or loved one that is an ex-cult member.

Philosophical Skepticism

The origins of skepticism stem from the ancient philosophers who questioned our very existence. These philosophers searched for the meaning in life. Today's philosophical skeptics continue that tradition, looking for meaning and validity in our daily lives. As life is a largely individual experience, it is difficult to quantify or qualify it through any one philosophy, they argue.


  • Solipsism - This paper presents information on the philosophy of Solipsism. It does not promote nor deny solipsism, but leaves the reader to his or her own conclusions.
  • How do we know anything? - This article by Thomas Nagel presents the theory of Solipsism. It postulates that one's own mind is the only thing one can be sure of.


  • Ancient Skepticism - This site from Stanford University examines ancient skeptical philosophical schools of thought, including Pyrrhonism and academic skepticism.

 The Problem of the Criterion 

Conspiracy Theories

The term "conspiracy theory" can be used to describe any fringe belief or explanation of historical or current events. Usually conspiracy theorists are viewed with skepticism and disdain by historians and the scientific community. Conspiracy theories exist about a variety of intense subjects, all of which can produce great debate. For those who believe conspiracy theories, however, an abundance of websites can be found to support (or challenge) one's beliefs.

General Conspiracy Theories

  • Lobster - This online journal focuses on para-politics and conspiracy theories. It discusses the effect of intelligence and security services on politics and history.

  • Above Top Secret - This site presents a variety of alternative topics and conspiracy theories, ranging from religion to politics.

Holocaust Denial

  • What is Holocaust Denial - Presented by the Anti-Defamation League, this site explains the theory of Holocaust Denial. It discuses the literature and motivations for the theory.
  • Holocaust Denial on Trial - Presented by Emory University, this site examines in detail Holocaust Denial. It presents historical information, myths, and continuing effects.

Satanic Conspiracy 

JFK Assassination Conspiracy

  • JFK/The Kennedy Assassination Home Page - This site presents a wealth of information on various JFK Assassination conspiracies. Resources and links to other websites are included.

  • JFK Conspiracy Theories - This site presents an introduction to diverse JFK assassination conspiracies. These conspiracies involve, among others, Cubans, the mafia, and the U.S. government.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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