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The College Slang Dictionary

Atom- This is used to refer to the Automated Teller Machine. (ATM).

Barney bag- This is a very big bag. It is normally associated with females.

Chillax- If a college student tells his friend to chillax, he is simply telling him to relax.

Drunk dial- To drunk dial means to make phone calls while being under the influence of alcoholic drinks.

Demics- The reason for attending a college. It is just like saying academics.

Digits- Requesting someone's digits is simply requesting their telephone number.

Fab fresh- A fresh student who exhibits great zeal for academics.

Fat juice- A soft drink that boosts one’s energy.

Fifteen minute rule- When college students say it is time for the fifteen minutes rule, they are simply saying that they can leave the classroom since their lecture is already fifteen minutes late.

Gank- This is another way of saying to steal.

Geck- A college student who makes his fellow student angry.

K- A short way of saying okay.

M.P.A- An emergency that occurred at a party. In full, it means Mysterious Party Accident.

Munchapoloozas- Eating too much, behaving like a glutton.

Nada- This literally means nothing.

Noob/noobie- A fresh college student.

Playing house- This term is normally used to refer to college students (a male and a female) who live together in the same house unmarried.

Quack shack-The College’s health facility.

Scamming- Looking for a person of the opposite sex for a relationship.

Waggle- To waggle is to waste time. If a student is told that he is waggling for a class, it means that the student is unnecessarily delaying attending the class.

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