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Sample Transcripts Request to School

Enrollment Services

Received by: _____ Updated 06/08

Date: __________ University of {school name]


There is an $80.00 charge for each copy of your transcript. Payment must be submitted with
request. Please mail to: [school address]


Transcripts show only {school name} courses. Transcripts of courses taken at other institutions must be
requested from those institutions.


Requests cannot be processed if you have a financial hold due to a balance on your account.
(Please contact the Cashier’s Office before submitting the request to resolve any holds.)


Transcripts are processed within approximately two working days after receipt of the request
(if received before 3:00 p.m.).


Student Number: N__________________ Phone: ( ) E-mail address: _________________________


Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

 (Last) (First) (Middle Initial)


Current Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 (City) (State) (Zip code)


I would like to order ______ copies of my transcript.

 Transcripts will be mailed if an address is listed below.
Please process this request: Otherwise, leave blank.


. immediately ____________________________________________.
. after the ________ semester grades are posted ____________________________________________.
. after degrees are posted ____________________________________________.


To obtain: ____________________________________________

. I will pick up my transcripts.
. Please mail my transcripts.
. Electronically send transcripts (some public institutions within state of Florida only)
. I have included an attachment
. I am sending the individual named below to pick up my transcripts.

In accordance with the FAMILY EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT OF 1974, as amended, student’s academic records are
classified as confidential and may not be released to anyone other than the student without the student’s written authorization and signature.


I give ______________________________________________________ permission to pick up my transcripts.

 Name of individual (This person must present valid photo I.D.)



Student’s Signature ___________________________________________________ Date ___________________________


 Processed by __________

 White copy: Enrollment Services Yellow copy: Student Date _________________


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  • Doc Printers, 9702 Gayton Rd, Suite 292, Richmond, VA 23238
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