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Just Clowning Around: Interesting Clown Resources

Clowns have long been a part of iconic popular culture. These colorful characters have been entertainers and brought people cheer for hundreds of years. Most people associate clowns with the circus, although they are also involved in other things such as rodeo clowns, entertaining children, and to simply cheer people up when they feel down. Most clowns have a white face with a bright red nose, and bright red around the mouth. They can wear colorful wigs of blue, green, red, or even rainbows. Clowns tend to wear outrageous clothing and silly hats, and can be dressed as other characters like a hobo or even a police officer. Some famous clowns have been television or film actors, and many perform live on stage or at circuses and other events. No matter what kind of clown people interact with, these fun and eccentric icons of our culture have been an integral part in making people laugh and providing a source of true, fun entertainment.

Famous Clowns

  • Bozo the Clown – Perhaps America's most iconic clown, Bozo was a television hit and beloved by many.
  • Emmett Kelly – Emmett Kelly is a true icon. He was considered by many to be America's first "hobo clown."
  • Red Skelton – Visit the home web page for this true American classic.
  • Buster Keaton – This famous humorous actor was known for his clown antics and his ability to use his body language to make people laugh.
  • John Bill Ricketts – A brief biography of the Englishman who is credited as the first person to bring clowns to America.
  • Dan Rice – Dan Rice was a legendary, patriotic clown who influenced many people that would come after him.
  • George Carl – A famous clown who inspired many others, he often used his vaudeville-style antics to get laughs and gain notoriety for clowns everywhere.
  • Federico Fellini – A famous Italian clown who eventually turned into a world-famous film director.
  • Lou Jacobs – A true American icon, Lou Jacobs performed his own gags and inspired many clowns of today.
  • Buffo the Clown – Buffo is known as the world’s strongest clown.
  • David Shiner – Read a brief biography of this Cirque du Soleil clown.
  • Giovanni Zoppe – This Italian performer is known as the youngest clown to be inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame.
  • Ernest Borgnine – A famous actor who thoroughly enjoys performing as a clown in New York City parades.
  • Soupy Sales – An iconic funny man who was famous for clowning around.
  • The Marx Brothers – This famous comedy trio was known for their clown-like antics, dress, and comedic style.

Clown Associations

  • World Clown Association – This group promotes the art of clowning across the globe.
  • ISCA – The International Shrine Clown Association is for those who wish to perform within the Shriner community.
  • Southeast Clown Association – A group of clowns and performers, located in the Southeastern part of the US.
  • Texas Clown Association – The home page for all clowns located in Texas to gather.
  • Clowns International – A great, friendly organization that welcomes clowns from all over the world.

Clown Organizations

  • The Clown Forum – An online gathering place for clowns and fans to discuss the world of clowning.
  • Red Nose Response – This organization visits areas of disaster or other problems to help spread joy during difficult times.
  • The Humpty Dumpty Association – This non-profit enlists the help of clowns for educational and safety education purposes.
  • Clowns Canada – An organization designed specifically for Canadian clowns.
  • Ringling Bros. Clown College – This world-famous clown school enlists some of the best performers.


  • Clown Antics – This page lists a number of clown conventions.
  • Circus Magic Convention – An informative and educational convention for those interesting in becoming a clown.

Fun Stuff

  • Props – This article lists some props that every clown should have in his or her collection.
  • Balloon Tricks – A helpful guide to twisting balloons and making different shapes with them.
  • Clown Trick Videos – This page has several fun and helpful videos to doing your own clown tricks.
  • Magic Tricks – Several popular magic tricks and their secrets can be found here.
  • Clown & Circus Crafts – A page with lots of fun clown and circus-themed crafts.
  • Funny Clown Jokes – A large resource of funny jokes about clowns, by clowns, and for clowns.
  • Clowning and Magic – Information about simple magic tricks using everyday objects.
  • How-To Video – A fun video on how to be a great, entertaining, hilarious clown.
  • Makeup Tips – Some great makeup application tips for clowns.
  • Clown Fun – Lots of different fun things to read and do regarding clowns.
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