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College slang reference sheet

The term “slang” refers to informal words, phrases, or meanings that are not regarded as standard. It is commonly used by people of certain classes and professions, as well as young people. College slang is quickly gaining popularity because it enables students to have a unique way to communicate with one another. Usually, students from different colleges and universities have their own slang, but there are also some slang terms that can be understood by all college students throughout the country.

Producing a college slang reference sheet is often a herculean task as the language is so dynamic. In addition, slang is not a complete language, and it does not have common terms that students can use when they are having discussions. It is common for students in colleges to communicate in slang about various issues, such as relationships, finances, academics, diet, sports, and other activities. Some slang terminologies have remained in use for so long that they have been integrated into the main standardized language. With the advancement in technology, especially in mobile phone technology, more slang words and acronyms are coming up. The use of texting as a means of communication has resulted in the creation and use of many new slang terms.

Interestingly, not all college students use slang to communicate with one another. Those who are pursuing a certain course will have a slang of their own, and they cannot use the same slang when they are communicating with students who are taking other courses. For instance, students who are trying to obtain Associates diplomas will have their own unique slang, which is different from students who are pursuing Doctorate diplomas. Doctorate students use professional jargons rather than slang. Jargons refer to technical terminologies that are often associated with a particular profession only.

Most college slang reference sheets contain common slang terminologies that are recognized in almost all the colleges in the country. These slang terms are often shortened versions of the actual word. For example, a diploma is often referred to as a “dip”. The use of slang in colleges helps to create a bond among college students, because they feel that they are sharing a language that is not comprehensible to other people. Nonetheless, ordinary people may also be able to understand some of the words and terms that are found in college slang reference sheets, because most of the terms are derived from standard English terms..

Here are some examples of college slang terms:

Booze: Alcoholic drinks

Buzz off: Leave or go away

Chill: To calm down

Cool: Very good

Dude: Person

Grub, Gas, or Slop: Food

John, Can, Head, or Loo: Washroom

Mr. Charley: White man

Stinks: Bad

The Man: Law

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