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What Can I Do with an Associate Degree in Teaching

A brief look at the job options for an individual with an Associate Degree in Teaching.

An Associates of Arts degree in teaching is usually intended to be a stepping stone to further studies in education. Most people who decide to pursue their AA in teaching do so because they want to get a feel for the teaching field before entering a bachelor’s program. The classes that are required to fulfill an AA in teaching often include many basic education courses, such as Introduction to Education and Educational Psychology. For those individuals who do not continue on to a four year college or university, this AA degree can be used to obtain jobs as tutors, daycare workers, preschool teachers, aides, and substitute teachers.

Although most tutoring companies require their tutors to have a BA, there may be some smaller businesses that would consider hiring someone with an AA. A better option for an individual who is interested in tutoring is to open a private practice. This gives the person the ability to take on as much or as little they choose, and frees them from the restrictions and regulations that many tutoring companies enforce. Parents who need someone to help their child in a particular subject or with homework are very likely to feel comfortable with hiring a tutor who has an associate’s degree. Obtaining several reliable references and advertising in the right areas can greatly increase the chances of running a lucrative business.

Private daycare centers normally hire workers based on child care experience and a clean background check, but having an AA in teaching can give an individual an edge over other applicant’s who do not have any college education. The laws regarding child care workers in large daycare centers vary from state to state--some may require an associate’s degree specifically concentrated in early childhood education, while others may even require a BA for certain positions.

Individuals with an associate’s degree in teaching may be able to teach preschool, though this can vary on a center-to-center basis. The Head Start program, for example, currently allows anyone with an AA to teach in the Early Head Start program, but requires an AA with some form of early childhood education or development to teach in the later Head Start program. It is interesting to note that the requirements are set to drastically change in 2013, at which time most Head Start teachers will have to have a bachelor’s level of education.

The most common job people with an associate’s degree in teaching do is work as a paraprofessional in grade schools and high schools. As teacher’s aides, they usually assist the teacher’s with grading papers, passing out assignments, and working with students who need help with a particular task. They are often seen as a vital part of the education program because they take some of the pressure off the teacher and help to ensure a better-rounded and disciplined classroom environment.

The AA in teaching can also be used to substitute teach. While many states do not require education beyond a high school diploma to work as a substitute teacher, the training an individual receives in an AA in teaching program often proves very valuable when performing this line of work.

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