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Everyone learns more when they are having fun. Games for the classroom keep students interested and engaged in the subject. Traditional classroom and playground games can easily be adapted to teach and review just about any part of the curriculum. PowerPoint templates have also made it easier to adapt popular TV game shows to review lessons and help memorization, but most of these games can be played with little or no technology. As an added bonus, games generally engage multiple intelligences, which makes the lesson accessible to more students. Students can study hard and play hard at the same time!

Elementary Games

Game Show Games

Sports Games

Math Games

Power Point Game Templates

Puzzle Makers

Game Accessories and Additional Ideas

  • Countdown Timer – Online countdown timer with alarm
  • Buzzers – A site that provides information on companies that sell buzzers and instructions on how to build your own
  • Stopwatches – Links to online stopwatches and calculators
  • Native American Board Game – Lesson plan for creating a Native American board game with the class

Additional Resources

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