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Jobs You Can Get with an Art Degree

A degree in art can open the door to many interesting careers. Students with an art degree have a wide variety of choices, from hands-on work like painting and sculpting to careers focusing on knowledge like that of an art historian.

Because the study of art is so extensive, it’s important for students to consider what specialty would be best suited to them when choosing a specific degree to pursue. It might be helpful to research particular areas of interest by talking to those who have acquired an art degree or even by taking a few classes at a local art museum.

There are many specialty schools that offer two year degrees or certificate programs, but it may be best to pursue a traditional four year degree at a university. Many potential employers are more likely to hire someone with a broader range of education, as opposed to a student who has focused intently on only one small area of study.

One of the most interesting areas of art study focuses on studio arts. This includes the creation of artwork, like painting, sculpting, and crafting pottery or ceramics. More technical types of art are also included such as photography and digital imaging. Students who have this expertise often choose to sell their artwork from their own studio or through an art gallery. They might also work as a photographer, in a music studio, as an art instructor, or in shops related specifically to their craft like a florist or pottery store. For people who prefer a more human touch in their work, a job as a police or courtroom sketch artist or portrait artist might be an interesting choice.

The study of design arts is one of the most popular when pursuing an art degree. Students seeking this type of employment can focus on interior design, graphic design, illustration, architecture, and even game development. Students might also choose to work in fashion design or marketing, in advertisement, television, magazine publishing or web development. Opportunities in these areas are growing quickly due to the increasing demand for high-quality graphics in video games, movies, and television.

For those who would rather focus on the knowledge of art than its creation, earning a degree in art history is a wise choice. With this degree, work can be found as a historian, gallery director, art librarian, art buyer, collection manager for a museum or gallery, art critic, or as an instructor in art history. With some additional training graduates holding this degree can even find work in the legal field focusing on artists’ rights or in law enforcement investigating art theft.  They may also work in government agencies working with local and state art councils.

An art degree makes it possible for graduates to pursue an incredibly wide variety of job opportunities. Whether students want a career in art creation or its history, prefer to be self-employed or work in the corporate world, a degree in art can make it possible.

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