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What to Know Before Buying a Fake Diploma

It could easily take over two months to get a replacement diploma. If you've ever needed to provide an important document to someone, you know two months can feel like a lifetime. Luckily for you, there are other options. 

You can even give custom diplomas or certificates for gifts or props.

There's nothing like the look on someone's face when they see that diploma on your wall from a school for paranormal investigators or a prestigious ivy league university. Your friends won't believe how real they look! 

Here's what you need to know about buying one.

Everything You Need to Know About a Fake Diploma

Before you buy a fake diploma or a fake transcript, you need to know exactly what's involved and what to look out for to make sure you don't regret your purchase.

From disreputable companies to low-quality products, there is a lot that can go wrong, so what do you do? Check out these tips on what to look out for and what you need to know before you click buy.

Do They Look Real?

This all depends on the quality of the product.

If someone with a trained eye looks close enough, they may find some clues that it's fake. For movie props, you want them to look as real as possible for the audience. The best way to achieve that is to provide a realistic degree

For replacements of real diplomas, you can choose all the options you need to recreate your lost document.

Of course, if you're buying a fake diploma for a gag gift or a novelty, then you don't have to worry about people questioning it — but you still want it to look real. Look at real diplomas online and compare it to a company's products before you buy.

Honesty in Dishonesty

There are many companies that aren't very honest out there. They are willing to take advantage of someone that is looking for something like a fake degree or diploma. 

Always be cautious before entering any sort of personal information or payment information onto a website that you don't know. Look for security credentials and user reviews before you proceed.

Trusting the wrong company could cause a lot of problems. Luckily, there are legitimate companies to purchase fake diplomas from. 

What Type of Diploma?

So, what kind of certificate do you need? This largely depends on your ultimate goal.

If you're looking for a prop for a movie or television show that you're producing, you don't necessarily need it to be exact unless you're going to have a close-up of it. You can use fake names without much issue.

If you're planning on giving this as a gag gift, you can choose humorous names or degrees to add to the punchline of it all. 

You may also need fake transcripts to go along with these documents.

Want to show specific grades for a character in your movie? Or maybe you want to play a prank on your parents and show that you're failing recess.

You've got plenty of choices to make.

What School?

The school name is the first thing that most people will look at, so make sure you get it right.

Did your character go to an international college or some sort of military school? Maybe for a prank, you want to show that you graduated from a school named after yourself.

For gag gifts or other casual purposes, have some fun with it. An outlandish name of an institution will look great framed and on the wall. For realistic purposes, you may want to put a real college or university on it.

For some extra fun, you can choose some real-life schools that are almost too strange to believe. Just make sure you get the spelling right — you don't want to lose credibility because of a typo. 

Grades and Achievements

How well did you do? Including things like GPA awards on your diploma is a great way to not only show off achievements but also impress those who you are showing the diploma to.

You may want to be realistic here. If you claim that you won every reward under the sun and achieved a perfect score, you are leaving yourself open to doubt. Be humble but not too afraid to boast yourself up a bit.

You don't want the gag or prank to fall flat before the punchline.

When it comes to transcripts for movie and television props, you'll want to make sure you are showing the right kind of grades depending on the character's intelligence and motivation.

How Fast?

Most companies will offer expedited delivery, so if you're going to need a fake degree or diploma, get it ordered quickly. You can even choose to have a high-quality degree holder and frame delivered to add even more credibility. 

You'll want to choose a company that ships the products safely as well. You don't want your important prop to show up wrinkled in a thin envelope.

What About a Real Replacement?

One reason people order fake documents like this is that they've misplaced the original. If you've ever had to call a school or other institution and have a replacement document sent to you, you know it can be a serious headache. 

If you need to provide a high school diploma, college transcript, or some sort of certificate in a timely manner, it may be faster to have a version of it made by a different company instead of ordering from the original institution.

Not only can you get it faster, but you can also have multiple copies sent to you to avoid lost copies in the future.

Diploma Delivered to Your Door

So, you've decided you need a fake diploma and you've read through these tips. What now?

It's time to order one. Consider these tips carefully, figure out what school name you need, what achievements, and then get it ordered as soon as possible. Don't forget to pick the right company, too.

Check out some awesome samples we've done and order one today!



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