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How to Be Smart When Buying Fake Diplomas

Now more than ever, people are judged by their academic achievements. Having a diploma can help you get an arm up in opportunities. 

However, earning a diploma through years of college isn't always possible.

If you're going to buy fake diplomas, you need to be smart about it. Here's everything you need to know about buying and using a fake diploma.

Why Would Someone Buy a Fake Diploma?

Why would anyone want a diploma if it isn't real? There are actually several reasons someone would want to buy one. 

Replacing a Lost Diploma

Let's say you put in the years of hard work to earn a college degree. At the end of your hard work, you do earn a paper diploma.

Sometimes, things get misplaced. Personal documents, like diplomas, aren't immune to getting lost.

It can be difficult for someone to get a diploma replacement when this happens. Buying a fake one is an easier option. 

Motivation for Your Studies

Let's say you didn't get to start your college studies until later in life. You have a family, a job, other responsibilities. It's easy to lose your steam with education, too.

Buying a fake diploma can be a physical source of motivation. Hang it up in your study area to keep your eye on what you will eventually earn.

Avoid Embarrassment

Let's say you have a relative or coworker who looks down on you for not getting a diploma. This is a hard situation to be in. No one should be picked on because they don't have what others do.

Sometimes, when there is someone like this in your life, you need to do whatever it takes to get them off your back. Buying a fake diploma may derail their insults. 

Gag Gifts

Here is a very common reason to buy a fake diploma. Some pranksters who enjoy a good laugh may want to buy a fake diploma. Adding a specific name or date would make the perfect gift to make the receiver laugh.

Are Fake Diplomas Legal?

Fake diplomas fall in a legal gray area. You can own a fake diploma without any repercussions. There's nothing to stop anyone from selling fake diplomas, either.

However, there are several ways a person could use a fake diploma that is very illegal.

Some people may want a fake diploma to trick their way into a college or a job. This is considered a felony. You will face a huge fine or incarceration, depending on the state you're in.

Don't think you can get away with it, either. All it takes is a simple phone call during a background check to see if your diploma is real.

Choosing a Fake Diploma

Now that you know why you want a fake diploma, it's time to think about the choosing process.

Some fake diploma websites have almost any college you can imagine. If you're getting a diploma to replace the one you've lost, you can search for that school. You can add all the information on the original and receive one that is almost identical.

If you're getting a fake diploma to help motivate you to stay in your studies, choose a school you wish you could go to. Having a goal on paper can keep you on track to your dreams.

Checking for Quality

As with anything, you'll want to ensure you are buying a quality product. Check the website you want to buy from. Make sure they are transparent with their templates and information.

The websites should also send you a draft to look over. Double-check all the spellings and details, such as seals and frames.

Is It a Scam?

Authentic looking replicas aren't easy to create. Any site that offers one at a "too good to be real" price is probably a scam. 

Read through the company's website. Can you find a legit address, phone number, or other contact information? The majority of online businesses that lack this information don't want to be found. That's because they're not real.

Take note of their customer service. Do they list any reviews? Do they have FAQs that cater to their customers? Legitimate businesses want to keep their doors open by ensuring every customer's happiness.

Nothing Compares to the Real Thing

Some people want fake diplomas for non-corrupt reasons. Gag gifts, motivation, replacements are all harmless reasons to purchase.

However, nothing quite compares to the real deal. If you're tempted to buy a fake diploma for an illegal reason, it's time to search for ways to earn a genuine diploma.

Traditional School

Of course, the first thought is to enroll in a traditional school. This isn't always an option for some people, though. Money, time, and location all play into the availability of attending school. 

Night School

Night school is a great way to get some credits during after hours. This is one way to earn your diploma without the hours cutting into your workday. 

Online School

Earning a degree online has become a very popular option. More schools are offering this as a remote learning option. Online schools typically offer lectures and discussions based on the curriculum. 

If you decide to do online schooling, please do your research. There are many scammers out there willing to offer you false promises in exchange for your money. 

Being Smart With Fake Diplomas

There is nothing that can truly take the place of a real diploma earned through hard work and dedication. 

However, if you choose to buy fake diplomas instead, be smart about it. Give it as a gag gift. Use it for self-motivation. Replace one for your own keepsake.

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