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Have You Lost Your Diploma? Here's How We Can Get You a Replacement

Have you lost, misplaced, or have something happen that lead to the destruction of your diploma?

High school graduates have recently hit a record high. Most graduates, however, have not gotten a hold of their diplomas because of certain complications like having their names misspelled or some other error in the school's system.

While there are some graduates who do get a hold of their diplomas, some of them lose theirs later on. Many of these graduates who have a lost diploma find it difficult to face their peers after they've gotten theirs, even though what happened is out of their control.

If you happen to be one of those people, then we have the solution for you.

Lost Diploma? We Can Help

We offer you the best, authentic-looking diplomas that you can present to your friends and family without any worry of them finding out anything suspicious.

The diplomas we offer get printed on the same type of parchment paper that most schools and universities use for their diplomas, making them look as close to authentic as the real thing.

To prove that what we make is authentic as it can be, we go as far as placing an embossed gold foil seal made of real gold which you can customize. We can also do any logo of any design that you desire to have on your diploma replacement.

We don't only offer replicas of high school diplomas. Seeing as the rate of college graduates has also been at its highest, we also offer to make college diplomas, any fake certificate, transcripts, degrees, and GEDs. All of them have multiple designs that you can choose from.

There are a lot of reasons why you should get your own realistic diploma. You can use these authentic-looking fake certificates and degrees to boost your own self-confidence when it comes to having people over to your place or you can show it off on social media and in family gatherings.

Even if you're still studying and you want to have one close by to serve as your motivation, we have you covered.

How to Get Fake, Replacement Diplomas

Getting your own fake, replacement diploma from us is simple.

First off, you will want to create an account for our website. This will allow you to shop for your very own fake diploma and add anything that catches your eye to your cart.

Next, you will only need to fill out the details that need your input and also fill out the order form before your diploma can be ready for us to deliver it to where you are. All you need to do after that is to wait for your delivery to reach you. We will send you a tracking number for you to keep tabs on your delivery as well.

Note that while our diplomas have watermarks on our website, we do this only to protect our images from would-be thieves. The final product you will receive will not have any watermark on it.

We ship with absolute secrecy, and we don't sell any of our client's information to any third party. You can rest easy knowing that the only people who know about your order are us and you.

We should also mention that we accept credit cards as the primary mode of payment.

Shipping fees

We also provide you with options with shipping fees. If you want to get your replacement diploma early, we can get it to you within 3 business days for an additional charge. If you are willing to wait the standard number of days (8-11 business days) though, we will cover your shipping fees.

That said, keep in mind that holidays are not included even with expedited shipping. And that international customers have different price ranges if you want your authentic fake diploma delivered to you with high priority. This also applies to customers ordering from Canada.

Custom Diplomas

You can also create your own custom diploma. All you have to do is call us during our normal business hours, or send us an email.

We can talk about the details, your specific requests, and the final pricing for your order.

In addition to that, we also offer leather portfolios or binders for an added touch of authenticity to your order. You can also ask for other accessories such as a padded folder with a golden design like your diploma's, or you can even ask for a diploma that can fit in your wallet.

And before we ship your product to you, you can ask for an email proving that we have your designs and specifications on the dot.

What We Won't Do

While we offer a lot of services along the lines of fake diplomas, there a few exceptions and requests that we are not willing to undertake.

There are certain degrees that we choose not to print, such as degrees in law, medical, nursing, and anything that relates to the military. Those kinds of degrees may lead to scrutiny by the government and the law.

We also choose not to make degrees in biotechnology or anything that people can use as an excuse to give out drugs and any other form of medication.

Due to Homeland Security reasons, we also choose not to ship to some specific areas in the US and some other countries too. As these documents may get used for other purposes besides novelty.

We do not use actual school seals, only ones that our customers customize and one that we alter in a slight manner. This is because the seals of universities and other schools are copyright protected and duplicating them would result in infringement. The same goes with forgery regarding signatures of any school official.

We also won't give any form of verification that our products are authentic diplomas coming from any school. Our products serve novelty purposes and should get treated as such.

Get Your Own Fake Diploma Today

Lost diploma? No worries, we have you covered. Get your own replacement diplomas, certificates, and transcripts today!

If you have any questions or if there are any complications regarding your order, contact us here.



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